10 Favorite iPhone Apps

July 25, 2014

10-favorite-iphone-appsI will admit that I have a tiny bit of FOMO when it comes to apps and utilizing my iPhone to its fullest potential. I will click on any link or blog post with “best iPhone apps” in the title. That said, I have a handful of apps that I use on a daily basis and I wanted to show them some love. Most are practical and some are just for fun! Read on for my 10 favorite iPhone apps!

the-hunt01/ The Hunt

See a cute dress on someone but are too shy to ask where they bought it? That’s where The Hunt comes in. Snap a picture, upload it, and The Hunt will search its database for potential matches. Ask other users for their help in identifying your mystery outfit! So awesome.


02/ Square Cash

This app makes it beyond simple to settle up for dinner, bills, etc. You can send $250 or less almost instantaneously to another person’s bank account. It’s totally legit and secure, and the best part is that it’s completely free.


03/ AllRecipes

This is my go-to recipe app. It has this awesome feature called The Dinner Spinner where you can choose your parameters (what type of meat, soup/salad/pasta/casserole/slow cooker, etc.) and it will find recipes to fit them. So many tasty recipes and so easy to use.


04/ Run Pee

I have to admit that I threw this one in here for fun… but it’s also pretty genius. Do you always order a 2-gallon drum of diet coke at the movies and then have to pee in the middle of the best scene? This app tells you exactly when in the movie you can go, for how long, and what you will miss (nothing important) with NO spoilers. Brilliant.


05/ Afterlight

This is hands-down my favorite photo-editing app. I edit all my Instagram snaps with this app (confession: I haven’t used Instagram to actually edit a photo in over a year). So many gorgeous light leaks and dreamy filters to give your photos that extra something.


06/ Vine

I LOVE VINE. It may only be six seconds, but people can get pretty creative. All I can say is… go follow me for all the best re-vines.


07/ Moovit

Ever since giving up my car to move to SF, I’ve relied on the not-so-reliable SF public transportation system. Moovit gives you real-time updates on train and bus schedules and has probably saved me hours in time I would’ve spent waiting around. It is indispensable and I use it literally every day.


08/ Weather Line

Weather Line is the best weather app. Instead of a list of arbitrary temperatures, Weather Line gives you a graphical representation of when the temps and weather conditions will be like for the week. It also tells you when it is more likely/less likely to rain throughout the day. A must-have if you live in a temperamental climate (looking at you, Maine).


09/ Clear

I have a penchant for making lists. That said, this is the best list-making app in the list of apps I use for list-making… >:). There’s a bit of a learning curve when you first use it because it’s a gesture-based design. Once you get the hang of it, it becomes quite quick, simple, and intuitive.


10/ Sleep Cycle

Want to get the best night’s sleep? This intelligent alarm clock analyzes your sleep patterns and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase (translation: you will wake up refreshed and energized). It monitors your sleep using the accelerometer in your phone to determine which sleep phase you are in. You can track your sleep patterns and see the quality of sleep you received on any given night. I use it every night and really feel like it has make a difference in how I feel waking up in the morning.

What are some of your favorite apps? Let me know in the comments section below!