10 Life-Saving Beauty Hacks

March 27, 2014


There’s nothing worse than being in a jam and not having a quick solution. Over the years I’ve picked up a few quick tricks to help me out of sticky situations. Here’s a list of my favorite life-changing (and life-saving) beauty hacks!

  1. In a pinch, Advil can work as an awesome cheek stain. Just lick the coating on the pill, press into cheeks and quickly blend.
  2. Look fresh and awake by putting a few drops of Visine in each eye. Then, swipe the residual powder blush left on your brush over your brow bones. Visine also works wonders on reducing the redness of a pimple!
  3. Got a dress you love to wear but can’t zip yourself? Tie a long piece of ribbon to a safety pin and fasten the pin to the zipper. Hold the zipper at the bottom with one hand and pull the ribbon up with the other. You can easily remove the safety pin and ribbon once the dress has been zipped.
  4. Ran out of nail polish remover but can’t stand the sight of your chipped polish? Paint a quick coat of clear top coat on your nails and rub off. This might take a few tries but it definitely works!
  5. To enhance the curl of your eyelashes, heat your metal eyelash curler under your blow dryer for 5-10 seconds. Make sure to test how hot the curler is before touching to your eyelid!
  6. Lost an earring back? Use a pencil eraser. Cut the eraser off the pencil and stick onto the post for a makeshift back.
  7. Heels half a size too big? Use several (4-5) strips of moleskin or duct tape on the back of the heel for an easy (and cheap!) heel stop.
  8. Before chucking that shattered blush/powder/eyeshadow/bronzer compact, try this quick fix! Mash up the smithereens until they’re powdery. Pour in a small amount of rubbing alcohol and mix until a paste forms. Press the paste into the compact using a flat-bottomed glass or bottle. Allow 24 hours for the alcohol to evaporate fully and voila! Your compact is as good as new!
  9. For eyelashes that are extra thick, lengthened, and defined, apply one coat of mascara and tap some powder onto the tips of your eyelashes (using a Q-tip). Then add a second coat of mascara. The mascara sticks to the powder and makes for amazing lashes!
  10. Make a grown-out shellac manicure look new again by painting glittery half-moons. The texture of the polish will disguise any bumpiness between the shellac and new nail growth.

What are some of your can’t-live-without beauty hacks?