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Dirty Hair, Don’t Care

November 8, 2013

Listen up, gals: it’s time to talk dirty. Wanna know my dirtiest secret? I don’t wash my hair very often. Now, before you get any crazy ideas, let’s be clear – I shower daily. When I tell people I only wash my hair twice a week, sometimes they assume I only shower twice a week, too (umm… ???). At first it took some getting used to, but I’ve actually grown to prefer the texture of my second and third day hair. If you think you’re ready to join the club and give up the incessant hair washing, keep reading to find out all the dirty details!

Embrace Messy

Dry shampoo will become your best friend. Focusing on the front hairline and crown, spray the dry shampoo on your roots right before you hit the sheets. You’ll wake up to really awesome, voluminous bedhead the next morning. Spritz on a little more before heading out the door and you’re good! I’m currently loving Suave Keratin Infusion Dry Shampoo. It works beautifully and smells amazing (BONUS: it’s also super affordable).

You’re actually protecting your hair.  By not washing your hair daily, you’re allowing the natural oils from your scalp to moisturize and nourish your strands. This becomes especially important in the upcoming dry, winter months. Also, by not washing every day you are therefore, by default, not heat styling every day. Your hair will thank you!

Buy a shower cap. Sorry gals, there’s no way around this one. You may look like one of the Golden Girls, but a shower cap is an absolute necessity for anyone skipping shampoo. Steam and water droplets from your shower can cause frizziness and extra greasiness. Also, due to the lingering steam in the bathroom, don’t forget to leave it on even after you’ve stepped out of the shower. Just buck up and buy one at Target for like $3 and you can thank me later.

Braids and topknots just look so much better.  Don’t even bother trying to make a braid or topknot look good with clean hair – it just doesn’t work. Clean hair is much too slippery with too many flyaways. Dirty hair holds a style better and allows you to play around with texture (if you can’t tell, I really love hair with texture). You can also tease and curl to your heart’s content and it won’t fall out in three seconds!

It just plain saves time.  When it comes down to it, would I rather spend an hour blowdrying/curling/styling my hair or sitting on the couch catching up on seasons 5-8 of Dexter? Yup, no contest. You guys, I’m sooo lazy I can’t even be bothered most of the time.

In a pinch, a hat always saves the day. If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram feed, I’m really loving hats this fall. They cover up greasy roots juuust fine. Plus, they always make you look super stylish and put-together. Win-win.

Are you ready to try it out? Let me know in the comments section below!


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5 Tips to Help Organize Your Closet

November 5, 2013

carrie closet

If you gals are anything like me, your closet space is pretty limited (hello apartment living!). Trying to cram all of your clothing into a tiny closet can lead to your clothes getting wrinkled, lost, and forgotten about. These five tips will help you maximize your closet space and make getting dressed in the morning a little easier!

1. Invest in Huggable Hangers:  These thin, lightweight hangers are a space-saving dream. They’re covered in a soft velvet that prevents those little slinky numbers from slipping, too. By using coordinated hangers, your closet becomes instantly more organized looking. It may sound kind of silly to replace all of your hangers, but it makes a huge difference. Trust.

2. Organize by color: Organizing your closet by color will transform it. Before I did this, I felt like I was constantly digging through the same clothes and wearing the same three things. When I reorganized by color I was suddenly able to make new outfits that I had never thought of before. Organizing by color is a way to find new appreciation in the clothing that you currently own but hardly wear. Your closet will look extremely organized and even beautiful.

3. Store long dresses and skirts on the sides: This one is pretty basic but it makes sense. By storing the floor-length garments (maxi dresses, gowns) off to the sides and shorter garments in the middle (tops, short skirts) you are able to see your shoes (or anything else you store on the bottom of your closet) unobstructed!

4. Take inventory: Sort through what you already own and figure out what you’re missing. Do you own three black sweaters? Are you missing a pretty floral skirt? By purging the excess and filling the gaps, you can build a more well-rounded and complete wardrobe.

5. Eliminate excess: Be honest with yourself – if you haven’t worn a piece of clothing in over a year (with the exception of really fancy dresses), it’s time to get rid of it. Maybe it doesn’t fit right, has a stain, or is torn. A year is plenty of time to wear a piece of clothing; if you haven’t worn it, don’t hold onto it.


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Deal of the Day: Clarisonic

November 1, 2013

There are a lot of seriously good deals going on lately. Today’s deal is brought to you by Groupon, who is currently selling Clarisonic-compatible replacement brush heads at a serious discount. Those of you who use the Clarisonic know that the replacement heads don’t come cheap ($25 each!). This Groupon deal is offering a two-pack for $9.99! As you know, Groupon deals don’t last forever so take advantage while you can and stock up!


P.S. My documented love affair with the Clarisonic & how to tell which brush head is right for your skin.