8 Tips for Saving Money and Staying Stylish

April 1, 2015

8-tips-for-saving-$-staying-stylishLet’s be real for a sec. As twenty-somethings on a tight budget, it can be hard to keep our closets fresh without maxing out our credit cards. Over the years, I’ve learned how to become a savvy shopper without sacrificing quality or style – and now I want to share my wisdom with you! ;) Read on for my best tips on saving money and staying stylish!

1. Promo codes: I never order anything online without first looking on RetailMeNot for promo codes. Even if it’s just free shipping, this trick has saved me SO much money!

2. Poshmark: My love for Poshmark has been well-documented on this blog. Poshmark is my go-to for not only selling my old clothing, but buying as well! Poshmark has SO MANY items new with tags from my favorite places to shop like Madewell, ASOS, and Anthropologie. Download the app and use code BTKDD for $5 off your first order!

3. Wait until something goes on sale: Stores like J.Crew and LOFT have a high turnover rate and most of their new items go on sale within a few weeks. Be patient and wait until the item you love goes on sale or they have a sitewide sale (LOFT always has sitewide sales).

4. Cost-per-wear: When purchasing an item, try to think of the cost-per-wear. As in, if a piece is $50 and you’ve worn it 10 times, the cost-per-wear is $5. I recently splurged on a leather jacket that was definitely more than I usually spend. But I’ve worn it almost every day since, making it one of the cheapest cost-per-wear pieces I own. This rule of thumb especially applies to seasonal items, like scarves or bathing suits.

5. Abandon your cart: When shopping online, log into your account and add a few things to your cart. Then close the window and wait. Usually in a day or two you’ll receive an email with a reminder about the items and (if you’re lucky) they’ll throw in a promo code or free shipping to entice you to buy. Cart abandonment is online retailers’ biggest fear, so use it to your advantage!

6. The Target trick: Target clearance is insanely addictive, so here’s a few tricks to save even more money. If the price ends in 8, it will be marked down again. If it ends in 4, it’s the lowest it will be. Target’s markdown schedule: Monday – kids’ clothing, office supplies, electronics; Tuesday – women’s clothing and domestics; Wednesday – men’s clothing, toys, and health & beauty; Thursday – lingerie, shoes, and housewares; Friday – cosmetics.

7. Go thrifting: Some of my favorite pieces in my closet I’ve found when thrifting. If you live in the SF area, Crossroads Trading, Out of the Closet, and Pretty Penny are all great options. I also really love Goodwill and Salvation Army. My favorite thrifting find to date: a knee-length wool peacoat from J.Crew for $20!

8. Amazon Prime subscription: With the amount of things available on Amazon for cheap, I order everything from quinoa in bulk to makeup brushes. Our Amazon Prime subscription has paid for itself!

What are some of your tricks for saving $ and staying stylish?