A Quick Beauty Trick: Sleek Hair

March 10, 2014

In my never-ending quest for frizz free hair, I’ve stumbled across a quick trick for a sleeker mane. Next time you wash your hair, instead of wrapping your wet hair up in a terry cloth towel, try a regular cotton t-shirt. Unless your mom was super savvy, she probably taught you to roughly rub the towel over your hair and then twirl it into a turban quick tip curlson top of your head. However, your hair is actually a very delicate fiber, and should be treated like an antique lace or luxurious cashmere. Your wouldn’t rough up your best cashmere sweater, would you?! To prevent frizz and breakage, gently wrap your wet hair up in an old cotton t-shirt, which is actually much more absorbent than a terry cloth towel. Gently pat and squeeze out the excess water and never rub your wet hair. This allows the cuticle of the hair to remain sealed and flat, which will make your hair appear shinier and sleeker. Curly girls, try it out for perfect, frizz free curls!


P.S. A quick trick for bright eyes.