A Skincare Chat

May 18, 2015

skincare-routine-1Let’s talk about skincare! I’m constantly buying and trying new products to find my perfect skincare combination. I have very dry, dehydrated skin with an oily t-zone, so I’ve finally figured out that I need to pack on super-hydrating products at night and wear a lighter, oil-free moisturizer during the day. I also use the dual cleansing method for washing my face at night to break down my layers of makeup. I think I’ve finally found the combination that works for me, which is heavily dominated by Philosophy. Below I run through the products I use every morning/night, as well as my must-have weekly treatment for perfect skin! Here we go!

Tatcha One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil: I’ve recently started using the dual cleansing method for washing my face in the evening, and this cleansing oil is step 1. Before I wash my face, I massage this oil into my skin in circular motions. This rich cleansing oil breaks down the layers of makeup on my face, including my stubborn eye makeup, without leaving my skin feeling greasy.

Clarisonic Mia: This tool has singlehandedly changed my skin. I use my Clarisonic (along with my Cetaphil face wash) to cleanse my skin once a day after rinsing off the Tatcha cleansing oil.

Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water: In the mornings, I like to saturate a cotton pad with this micellar water and swipe my face for a quick cleanse and to remove any traces of mascara under my eyes. As I mentioned in this post, I prefer the Bioderma micellar water, but this one does the job for now.

Philosophy Time in a Bottle: After cleansing my skin the morning, I apply one pump of this vitamin C-8 serum and let it absorb for about a minute before applying my moisturizer.

Philosophy Miracle Worker Retinoid Eye Repair Cream: I take a tiny amount of this retinoid eye treatment and gently pat it under my eyes and on my browbone. I use this treatment twice a day – morning and night.

Philosophy Take a Deep Breath Moisturizer: As always, it is important to use SPF every day in your skincare routine. I like this moisturizer because it’s very light but very hydrating. The formula is also oil-free, making it ideal to wear under makeup during the day.

Philosophy Hope in a Jar Night: Most nights, after cleansing my skin and applying the Miracle Worker eye treatment, I pack on this thick moisturizer. It’s super rich and hydrating, which leaves my skin looking plump and fresh in the morning.

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask: On nights when my skin is feeling particularly dry (usually about once or twice a week), I slather on this mega-rich moisture mask. My skin drinks it up! I wake up looking like a glowing angel-baby.

Philosophy Detoxify: The Oxygen Peel: I use this facial as a once-a-week treat on Sunday nights. This peel leaves my skin looking brighter, my pores are tighter, and my skin looks taught and refined. It also helps tremendously with acne scarring and improving the overall texture of my skin. It is an essential in my skincare routine!

What are some of your skincare essentials?