#AskJulianne: What Are Your Tips For Smooth Skin?

March 7, 2016


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Hey Julianne,

I have really sensitive skin and I have struggled for years to find a way to get smooth legs that stay smooth and without irritation for more than a few hours after the shave. Do you have any tips/methods/product must-haves to maintain a smooth shave without the dreaded wrath of razor burn?


Dear Sensitive Skin,

I feel ya, girl! I also have very sensitive skin and struggle with razor burn and ingrowns. THE WORST. Luckily, I’ve found several products and techniques that have really helped alleviate that over the years. Here are my tried and true tips + tricks!

  • When you’re in the shower, save shaving for last. This will give the hair time to soften up and cause less irritation and razor burn.
  • Exfoliate! Try to exfoliate your skin in the shower a few times a week immediately before shaving. This sloughs off the dead skin that clogs up your razor and helps you get a closer and cleaner shave. My favorite is the Lavender Sea Salt Scrub from Trader Joe’s – not terribly fancy but it gets the job done!
  • Apply Tend Skin after shaving. This product has been my skin SAVIOR. Nothing else even comes close to keeping razor burn and ingrowns at bay. It contains isopropyl alcohol and glycolic acid, so it definitely stings when applied but is SO worth it. When used consistently after shaving, your skin will forever be changed.
  • Eliminate red, bumpy skin with AmLactin Cerapeutic lotion. Another unsung hero for smooth skin is AmLactin Cerapeutic lotion (the one with the blue cap!). If you can get over the milky, syrupy scent, this lotion will dramatically change your skin. It is mainly used for keratosis pilaris (aka “chicken skin” – 50% of the world has this skin condition!) and can be used all over the body. It has completely transformed the skin on my upper arms!
  • For beach days, use Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs. For days when you’re baring it all on the beach or frolicking in short shorts, Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs is my little secret for perfect-looking legs. It’s waterproof and transfer-proof and is more natural-looking than fake tanner (in my opinion!).
  • When all else fails, try waxing. If none of these tips seem to be working for you, try waxing! It is more expensive but causes much less irritation than shaving.

I hope this helps and happy smooth-leg season! :)