#AskJulianne: Where Can I Find Age Appropriate Jeans?

November 13, 2015


Hi Julianne,  

I was wondering if you could recommend some good looking dress jeans for a “mom” type that wants to look classy and stylish (nothing too “junior” or “old lady”)? I plan to wear them for casual wear with sweaters or a blazer. Also, if you could recommend some nice booties to go with the jeans, that would be great, too! I saw your post on booties, but I am looking for something with a low heel. Any thoughts?


Youthful Mom


Dear Youthful Mom,

Great question! There are a few places I would recommend starting out. I’ve always found that GAP, LOFT, and Banana Republic offer styles and cuts of jeans that are flattering, not too low rise, comfortable, and age-appropriate. Even as a 20-something, I find myself gravitating towards these places when I shop for my jeans. Here are some things to look for and keep in mind when you are shopping:

  • Look for a mid-rise style – these are the most flattering. Low rise is too junior, and high rise can look dated if they’re not properly styled. If you’re unsure of the rise, make an “L” shape with your left hand and hold up to the zipper. If the zipper is shorter than the “L,” they’re too low. If the zipper is longer, they’re too high.
  • Check the tags and shop for pairs that are 2% Spandex. This is the right amount of stretch to be forgiving and prevents them from getting baggy in the knee midday.
  • Look for a medium to dark wash with no distressing or whiskering.
  • Look for pairs marked as a straight or skinny cut. Bootcut and flare jeans are out of style right now and may date you.
  • If you are tall, be sure to buy pairs marked “tall” – you’ll want to be able to have a bit of material to cuff above your booties!

I recently picked up this pair of booties from Naturalizer and I can’t say enough good things about them! Naturalizer is no longer an “old lady” brand. They have some really cute and stylish pairs of booties that are (of course!) comfortable. I hope this helps and happy shopping!

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