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6 Totally Overrated Beauty Products

May 5, 2016

6-totally-overrated-beauty-productsI love trying out new beauty products – it’s probably one of my favorite things to do! But for me, there’s nothing more disappointing than finally getting my hands on a cult classic, only to find out that it doesn’t live up to the hype. You know you can come to me for honest and unbiased product reviews, so here are the 6 products that I think are totally overrated.

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Adele Makeup Tutorial

January 27, 2016

side-by-sideHooray! I’ve been dying to film this Adele Makeup Tutorial video since her new album was released and it’s finally here! Adele is my celebrity doppelganger and I frequently get stopped by strangers on the street making me aware of this fact. Here’s a fun little piece of Julianne’s Life Trivia – when I was a waitress in college, an entire family asked if they could take a photo with me (while I was working) because their kids were obsessed with Adele. Haha! It’s also fun to try to make yourself look like your celebrity doppelganger, just to see if it’s really true! Click on through to the video and let me know what you think, and who I should do a video of next (I get Meghan Trainor a lot, too… thoughts)?


10 Best Beauty Buys of 2015

January 21, 2016

10-best-beauty-buys-20152015 was a great year for beauty, and I feel like I really added some superstar products to my collection. Honestly, I had a really hard time narrowing down this list! So, here goes: in no particular order, here are my 10 best beauty buys of 2015!

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The Wink’s Everyday Makeup Tutorial

December 2, 2015

everday-makeupLittle known fact about me: I am a #commuterbeauty. I wrote about it in this post a while back, and it’s still true. With a commute as long as mine, who has time for makeup? Since I can usually be seen running out the door bare-faced to catch my train, I need a makeup routine that is easy to apply on-the-go, foolproof, and that will last me from the office to drinks in the city after work. I’ve managed to streamline my look and I take you through the steps in my Everyday Makeup Tutorial below! Throw in some bold brows, neutral eyes, and some fresh-looking skin, and you’ve got an everyday makeup look that won’t let you down.


Best of the Drugstore Beauty Aisle

November 10, 2015

drugstore-beauty-favoritesWe all know I love a good drugstore beauty haul. It’s hard for me to stop into Walgreens to pick up a prescription without emerging with 3 new lipsticks and a mascara. The real issue, however, is finding the diamonds in the rough – those standalone products that stack up against their higher end competitors. Today I’m going to break it down for you and present my top picks and best of the drugstore beauty aisle!


  • No. 7 Stay Perfect Shade & Define Sticks: These eyeshadow/liner sticks are a near-perfect dupe for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar and the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. I have them in the shades Cool Mink and Glistening Ray, but I want to pop back to Target for all the other shades!
  • NYX Matte Lipstick: Leave it to NYX to come up with some of the best matte lipstick formulas and colors! The shade ‘Indie Flick’ is a dupe for NARS ‘Red Square,’ and the shade ‘Shocking Pink’ is a dupe for NARS ‘Schiap’!
  • L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Setting Spray: This little product is the perfect dupe for the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. My favorite way to use it is to spritz a beauty blender until damp and then use it apply my foundation.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation: Speaking of foundation… I’m obsessed with this one by L’Oreal! I think they really nailed it with this Infallible product line. This foundation is super matte and the tiniest amount goes such a long way.
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara: I’ve tried many mascaras and this one beats out almost all the others. It makes my lashes longer than any other mascara I’ve tried and doesn’t smudge or flake. I think it might be magic!
  • Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm: This is the most nourishing and hydrating lip balm I’ve ever used, and I would pick this one over any high-end one any day. I apply it every night before bed, and it’s still on my lips when I wake up!
  • NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder: This NYX powder is a fantastic dupe for the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder. NYX makes some great dupes and this is one of them! Blends into skin flawlessly, absorbs oil, and leaves an airbrushed finish!


  • Real Techniques brushes: I’ve waxed poetic about these brushes so many times before, it would be a crime to leave them off the list! I love the originals, and the new Bold Metals Collection are a great addition as well.


  • Sensationail Starter Nail Kit: When regular gel manicures are wreaking havoc on your bank account, this bad boy is here to save the day! This kit comes with everything you need to DIY your own gel manicure, including an LED lamp. My at-home gel manis last as long as the ones from the salon!


  • L’Oreal EverCreme Shampoo & Conditioner: This sulfate-free duo is super gentle on color-treated and overprocessed hair, and the scent is incredible. These two will always be a staple in my shower!
  • L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray: Once you use it, you’ll understand why people used to bring this back from Europe in their suitcases. The micro diffuser mists so lightly yet it holds all day.

What are your favorite beauty products from the drugstore? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section below!


How To: Find Your Perfect Red Lip!

July 27, 2015

how-to-find-your-perfect-red-lipMatte or glossy? Warm-toned or cool-toned? Do I use a lipliner? Lipstick can be a tricky beast to master! It’s probably no secret that I know my way around a tube of lipstick. In honor of National Lipstick Day on July 29th, I’ve put together a handy article on how to find your perfect red lip!

Check out How To: Find Your Perfect Red Lip!

by Julianne Cronin at Mode


P.S. The red lip that I’m wearing in the photo above is Sephora Cream Lip Stain in Always Red!