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The Outfit I Wore (Almost) Every Day in Maui

February 4, 2017

what-i-wore-maui-hawaiiI’m still reliving our Maui vacation through the photos we took (yes, I know it’s February). However, when I finally got through the mountain of pictures and videos, I realized there was a recurring theme: this outfit. I ordered this simple, striped cotton dress from ASOS before we left and it became my most-reached-for item once we were there. It was perfect for throwing on over my swimsuit after a beach day and cute enough to wear if we went out to eat afterwards.

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The Coziest Leggings I’ve Ever Owned

January 16, 2017

lularoe leggings

Jacket: ASOS | Top: Lularoe c/o | Leggings: Lularoe c/o | Booties: Old Navy | Hat: ASOS

If you know me in person, you know that I’ve never been a “leggings as pants” kinda girl. I used to rock them in high school underneath my denim minis (lol), and of course wear them when I very occasionally work out, but have never worn them truly as pants. I think it harkens back to all those episodes of What Not To Wear – when I even consider it as an option, I hear Stacey and Clinton’s voices in my head forbidding it. But what about these Lularoe leggings that everyone seems to be talking about?

Don’t get me wrong: I absolutely love being comfortable. When I heard about these famed Lularoe leggings, I thought they must be too good to be true. People claimed they were the softest leggings they owned, completely opaque (aka no accidental sheerness when bending over), and last forever. I took all these claims with a grain of salt, thinking “We’ll see about that” as I slipped them on.

Well, SEE WE SHALL. Slice my head off and boil it for dinner, because man, was I wrong. I stood in the mirror, slack-jawed in admiration at how the Lularoe leggings hugged every curve without accentuating the wobbly bits. The material was softer than a baby lamb and felt like angels caressing my skin. And can I tell you that these leggings are as opaque as a pair of black jeans, even when you bend over? Because they are. I tested it out myself to save you the embarrassment.

So… the question now becomes: how often is too often to wear leggings as pants? I’m sad when I have to take these off to wash them, which is a sign that I definitely need more pairs. They come in about a billion colors and patterns, too, so I can wear a different pair every day of the week. Or wear the same black pair and hope that no one notices.

Anyway, enjoy the outfit pics. This is one of my favorite casual weekend outfits! The top is also from Lularoe and it’s called The Classic T. You can wear this one a million different ways, but I tied a knot at the side to give the top a little more shape and give some waist definition.

C L I C K  T O  S H O P  L U L A R O E !
lularoe leggingslularoe leggingslularoe leggingslularoe leggingslularoe leggingslularoe leggings


The Lularoe Julia Dress: 3 Ways to Style It!

November 26, 2016

lularoe-julia-dress-1Popping in to say hi on this rare Saturday blog post! I just finished editing my latest video (the last one was in AUGUST!!!!) on my new computer and I couldn’t wait to share it with you. Up until now, I’d been editing my videos on my old Macbook Pro and over the summer it got to the point that it was so clogged up with stuff it had a hard time running – yes, yes I know, I probably shouldn’t have relied on a laptop to do video editing, but that thing was a beast!

Today I’m sharing three ways to style the Lularoe Julia Dress! I was recently introduced to Lularoe by a good friend and former colleague. I love how the brand’s main objective is to help women look and feel their best. I can totally get behind that because, helloooo, that’s what I’m trying to do over here, too (insert raising hand emoji)!

The Lularoe Julia Dress has quickly become a favorite of mine and has been on heavy rotation in my closet for the past few weeks. It’s a form-fitting, midi-length dress with 3/4 length sleeves and it’s seriously one of the most comfortable pieces that I own. One of my favorite parts of the dress is how easily you can transform it into an entirely different outfit with just a few simple tweaks of your accessories.

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How To Dress Like You’re From Maine

September 5, 2016


California may be my current home, but Maine will always be home home. Mainers are unfussy in their style, preferring function over fashion and classic pieces that will stand the test of time. My style has always been casual and has remained true to my Mainer roots.

Today, I’ve teamed up with Old Navy to share an outfit that is inspired by my home state of Maine!

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I Have Lavender Hair!

August 29, 2016


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The Summer Edit

July 8, 2016

the-summer-editI’m so thrilled to finally be able to rock summer outfits! LOL JK, the weather in SF is colder this month than it was in February and I actually wore TWO jackets to work yesterday. So until San Francisco decides to make up its mind on the weather, I’ll be dreaming of sunnier skies and updating my wardrobe with these five summer trends to try!

The biggest sunglass trend this summer is, of course, mirrored lenses. Combine reflective lenses with a rose gold tint and I. can’t. get. enough! I picked up a pair at H&M recently that I’m so enamored with, but this flat-lens pair from Ray Ban is to die for.

I’ve been loving these cute little slogan tees from Whistles and I can’t wait to add one to my summer wardrobe! It’ll look so fresh tucked into a high-waisted button up denim skirt for a casual afternoon date.

Off-the-shoulder Bardot tops like this one from Topshop are beyond adorable. I’d happily wear one every day this summer with a pair of shredded cutoffs and sandals! You’ll be seeing me in this outfit a lot this summer. ;)

You really can’t go wrong with sheer, peek-a-boo fabric for any occasion this summer! You can dress it down with just a simple tank top underneath, or take it up a notch with a bold color or pattern and a high-waisted skirt for a night out on the town with the girls! I really love this one from ASOS (on sale!). It’s a fashion staple that’s here to stay this summer.

Ummm, how cute is this sporty, retro one-piece from Private Party?! I love the Baywatch vibes and I can’t wait for warmer weather to segue into lazy days spent by the pool or at the beach.

What are some trends you’re excited to try this summer?