Do Something That Scares You

September 20, 2013

Today, I thought we’d get real for a minute. As we all know, it’s so easy to get caught up the comfortable routines of everyday life that we tend to become complacent. As a twenty-something, I’m constantly faced with tumultuous and uncomfortable life decisions threatening to ruin my complacency. Most of the time, anxiety, guilt, and fear of change tend to hold me back and I’m left questioning myself and the decisions (or lack thereof) I’ve made. However, a little while ago I heard a saying that still strongly resonates with me and that is constantly in the forefront of my mind:

“Everyday, do something that scares you.” –E. Roosevelt

Realistically, I’m pretty sure this doesn’t mean go on a daily skydiving-bungee jumping extravaganza. To me, this saying means that you should step outside of your comfort zone. It could be as simple as voluntarily raising your hand in class to answer a teacher’s question (something that, to this day, I still have anxiety about), or as complex as asking your boss for a raise. After a while, you’ll look back and be surprised at how far you’ve come out of your comfort zone by just taking baby steps. 

Try to remind yourself daily to do something (big or small) that scares you. You are stronger and braver than you think – live your life fearlessly.

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P.S. Today I gave my grandfather a Lovenox injection in his stomach because he couldn’t do it himself. I had never injected anyone before and I was scared because didn’t want to hurt him. Be brave. :)