How To Dress Like You’re From Maine

September 5, 2016


California may be my current home, but Maine will always be home home. Mainers are unfussy in their style, preferring function over fashion and classic pieces that will stand the test of time. My style has always been casual and has remained true to my Mainer roots.

Today, I’ve teamed up with Old Navy to share an outfit that is inspired by my home state of Maine!


Old Navy is always my first port-of-call when I’m looking to freshen up my wardrobe. They do basics like no other, and lately, they’ve seriously stepped up their fashion game. I can always count on finding something I love (or 15 things, lol) at The Nave.

I paired this easygoing, striped tee with a pair of denim culotte overalls giving some seriously strong nautical vibes. The outfit is topped with a loose-fitting, blazer style coat in a pretty pastel pink, an unexpected twist on the traditional New England peacoat.

These little snakeskin lace-up flats are giving me life! This choice of footwear is definitely not in keeping with traditional Maine-style (Birkenstocks or Bean boots, let’s be real), but I love them with this outfit nonetheless.


S H O P  T H E  P O S T


I may live in California, but my roots are buried deep in Maine; it will always be my home. I’ve never been prouder to rep the Pine Tree state!

How does your state influence your style? Check out #50Styles50States and #OldNavyStyle on the ‘grams to see looks inspired by your state!

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Disclosure: Thanks to Old Navy for sponsoring this post! Love ya! xo