East Bay Livin’

January 28, 2015


So… we are officially East Bay people! We made the big move across the Bay at the beginning of January and have been settling into our new place in Walnut Creek. The biggest struggle we faced when living in the city was not having a car (and the lack of parking for that matter). We decided that we really missed being able to run to the grocery store or out for a quick errand on the weekend, and that was a big contributing factor in our decision to move. At our new place, we have a conveniently located Target (YES!!!!!!!), BART stop, and a parking space included (double YES!!!). So, naturally, the first day we were in Walnut Creek, we went and bought our first new car! :) Life is good again.

P1570374 P1570388 P1570406 P1570420 P1570441 P1570448


Jacket: ASOS | Dress: Old Navy | Purse: Zara | Scarf: Forever 21 | Booties: Crown Vintage | Lipstick: Chanel


Photos by Christina Chinn of Closet Luxe