Beachy Waves Hair Tutorial!

April 4, 2016


Happy Monday! I’m just popping in to say hello and share this fun little beachy waves tutorial with you gals! My favorite tool that I use to create beachy waves is… can you guess? A flatiron! This may sound unusual to some of you, but I assure you that a flatiron is the best way to achieve those enviable S-shaped waves that never seem to come out right with a curling iron. The GHD 1-inch Styler has a beveled edge, which means flawless beachy waves are finally attainable! Combine that with my favorite hairspray + sea salt spray combo and you’ve got a recipe that can’t fail!output_gWGcWl

Pro tip:

Try perfecting the wrist movement before you turn on your flatiron, as it can be a little tricky at first and we don’t want any scorched tresses on our hands!