Forgotten Etiquette: Thank You Notes

February 19, 2014

forgotten etiquetteIs there anything more lovely than receiving a beautiful, handwritten card in the mail, sent with love by someone who cares about you? Yet thoughtful gestures like this quickly fall by the wayside when life gets busy. After all, getting to the post office is a hassle and email is faster, easier, and more efficient. Sitting down and handwriting a note to someone, however, conveys to them that they are worth your time. Try taking a few minutes this week and handwriting a thank you note to that friend who helped you move, to your coworker who covered your shift at the last minute, or to your parents for all their continued love and support.

Sometimes finding the right words to thank someone can be difficult, so here are some helpful hints:

  • Genuinely and sincerely thank them. Don’t exaggerate or lie about the grandeur of the gift or gesture, as it will come across forced.
  • Try to maintain the same tone on paper as you would in person. It’s okay to show some personality! There’s no need to sound formal if you’re close with them.
  • Write about why you appreciated their gesture. If it was a gift, let them know how you plan to use it. If it was their time, explain to them how valuable it was to you.
  • After writing about yourself, ask about their life in a personalized way. Don’t just ask, “How are you?”. Rather, ask, “How was your vacation to Greece?” or “How’s the new puppy settling in with the family?”.
  • Before ending the note, sincerely thank them again. This reinforces how truly grateful you are for their gift.

Us modern gals can bring back the forgotten etiquette of thank you notes! Now where did I put my feather quill and ink well….


P.S. In case you didn’t notice, The Wink got a makeover! A special THANK YOU to my wonderful brother (computer whiz extraordinaire) and fantastic friend, Meghan, (graphic design genius) for making it happen!