Hair Crush: The Lob

August 14, 2013

Two and a half years ago, I did something drastic. After months of feeling weighed down by my hair, I made an appointment at a hair salon and got 14 inches chopped off. I swear to god, I left the salon 10 pounds lighter that day. I donated my 14 inches of hair to Locks of Love and couldn’t have been happier with my new cut. Fast forward to two and a half years later and I was bored with my semi-long hair again. I longed for a real style, instead of just plain and long (read: boring). After browsing Pinterest for inspiration, I settled on a fresh, new summer hairstyle.

The Lob

If you’re gonna go for it, here’s a few tips:

  • Ask your stylist for the lob to be about 2 inches longer in the front than in the back (and to hit about an inch below your collarbone). This adds movement and texture and prevents the dreaded soccer-mom hair!
  • Let them know that you want feathery, piece-y long layers, especially in the front around your face. Make sure you emphasize that you want your ends tapered to eliminate any bulkiness.
  • This hairstyle looks the best with extremely long layers – just enough to add a bit of movement and pick up waves and curls. Do not ask for short layers!

Enjoy your sexy new hair!