How to: Blowdry Your Hair (the right way!)

October 6, 2013

How To Blowdry Your Hair!

Like most people, I was blowdrying my hair the wrong way for years. It wasn’t until I asked my friend (and pro hairstylist), Jenna, for step-by-step instructions that I finally learned the correct technique. So here ya go, straight from the mouth of an expert!

1. Gently pat and squeeze your hair with a towel to get the excess water out. DO NOT rub the towel all over your head because you’ll rough up the cuticle and cause frizziness.

2. Carefully comb through your hair with a wide tooth comb, starting at the ends and working your way to the roots. This way you aren’t yanking at knots and causing breakage (your hair is more elastic when wet and therefore more prone to breakage).

3. Apply a smoothing balm or styling creme all over hair (remember my favorite?).

4. Set your blow dryer on low-medium heat and remove the nozzle (for now). Rough dry your hair with just your hands and fingers until it is 80% dry.

  • Pro tip: Don’t even begin to try to style your hair until it is at least 80% dry because it won’t hold.

5. Section off the bottom part of your hair and clip up the rest.

6. Put the nozzle on the dryer & turn the heat up to the hottest setting.

  • Pro tip: Want to know the secret to a Jennifer Aniston-worthy shiny & sleek blowout? HOT HOT HOT heat!

7. Using a large ceramic (no metal ones, please!) round brush, begin by taking a 1-2″ section of hair. Starting at the root, put the nozzle of the dryer directly on your hair with the round brush underneath. In one slow movement, move the brush and dryer simultaneously from the root to end of your hair, always pointing the nozzle away from your head. Think of this process almost as if you’re squeegee-ing out the last 20% of moisture from your hair. The plastic nozzle is much safer to touch to your precious strands than the hot coils of the dryer. It’s normal to see a bit of steam during this process… your hair isn’t burning, don’t worry!

8. Repeat for the rest of the bottom unclipped section of hair, working in 1-2″ sections.

9. Once the bottom part is done, unclip another section of hair and repeat the process. Do this until your entire head has been styled.

10. Press the ‘cool’ button on your dryer and turn it down to the lowest heat setting. Blast your hair for 30 seconds with cool air to seal the cuticle.

11. You’re almost done! Add a drop or two of shine serum (my favorite). Finish your hair with a setting spray or hairspray.

  • Pro tip: Sometimes I want my hair to have some waviness and extra body so I twirl it up in a big bun while my hair is still hot and use a large clip to hold it. I leave it in for about 10-15 minutes while I’m getting dressed and unclip it on my way out the door. This method will give you sleek, full-bodied waves!


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