How To: Find Your Cheekbones

January 13, 2014

Before I dedicate a post to contouring and highlighting (coming soon!), I thought I’d focus on something even more basic… finding your cheekbones! Many people have fuller cheeks and actually finding the bone can be tricky. For those of you who don’t have prominent cheekbones, here’s an easy and fool-proof way to find your cheekbones without a single cheek-sucking fish face in sight!

fish face ps

The usual way we learn to find our cheekbones is to suck in our cheeks and make a fish face. This technique doesn’t always work, however, and you can end up with less-than-strategic patches of bronzer on your face (not cute).

steps 1&2

In order to correctly locate your cheekbones, place your thumb directly above your ear tragus (the little nub that sticks out). Then, place your index finger directly below your nostril. This line that your hand creates is exactly where every person’s cheekbone is located on their face. The zygomatic bone (cheekbone) articulates with the mandible right above the tragus and articulates with the maxilla below the nostril on every person, no matter their face shape.

step 3 ps

Finish by sliding your thumb down your cheek in the line that you formed with your hand. Congrats! You’ve found your ever-elusive cheekbone! I’ll have a highlighting and contouring tutorial coming up to show you how to properly showcase those beauties.