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How To: Organize Your Bathroom

December 8, 2013

I’m not perfect. I’ll even reluctantly admit that I’m somewhat messy and disorganized. But what’s a girl to do with too many products, tools, and accessories and not enough space? When you’re sharing a bathroom with someone else, however, I guess it’s pretty bad etiquette to leave it looking like this. I even debated not including the before shot, but I had to convince myself that this is what every girl’s bathroom sink looks like (right… right??). So here we go, an unedited photo of my extremely cluttered bathroom sink:

The biggest problem for me was that I had nowhere to put my hair styling tools while they were cooling down, so I would just leave them on the sink to cool. This is a pretty common problem for girls, no? I found a genius solution, though….

The Container Store is where it’s at, gals. I picked up a four-tier acrylic organizer to store my hair elastics, bobby pins, jewelry, lip balm, and any other loose odds-and-ends that were taking over my countertop. My cotton balls were still in the giant plastic bag from the store, so I also grabbed a glass apothecary jar to display and make them easily accessible. The best organizer I bought, though, was the Style Station Organizer, which I mounted under the sink on the cabinet door. This organizer can hold a hairdryer, flat iron, and curling iron – even when they’ve just been used and are still hot! No more “leaving it to cool off on the counter” business. I also used a woven basket (not pictured) to store the rest of my hair brushes, combs, and products. The whole process was so easy I finished it in one evening. So, no more excuses, gals! It’s time to get organized!


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