How To: Sandal-Ready Feet

June 30, 2014


Long winters with your feet stuffed in socks and boots can lead to some pretty scary toes. Want to know the secret for getting sandal-ready feet? Get your dogs in tip-top shape by trying a foot chemical peel. It’s a Japanese product called Baby Foot (super creepy name…) and it works wonders. Just like a chemical peel for your face, this foot peel gets rid of all (ALL) the old, dead skin on your feet and you’re left with smooth, baby soft feet. However, nothing can prepare you for the intensity of this foot peel. Your skin will peel off in sheets (in a snake-shedding-skin kind of way) for about 7 days. You will wonder why you ever did it, and it may ruin the inside of your shoes, your living room carpet, and your love life. But, be patient… it works better than anything else. A concentrated blend of lactic acid and alcohol gives this foot treatment its one-two punch.

photo 4 (1)Here’s how to do it:

  1. Soak feet in warm water for about 15-20 minutes and wash with soap. Dry feet. Do not skip this step – it is essential for the gel to absorb properly.
  2. Place dried feet into the provided gel-filled plastic booties. Secure booties with tape (provided).
  3. Slide on another pair of socks over the booties and kick back for an hour. Do not attempt to walk around because the gel will ooze out.
  4. After waiting an hour, remove socks and booties. Wash feet with soap and water.
  5. After about 7 days, your feet will start to peel (my toes started peeling first). Resist the urge to peel until you’re at home. You will inevitably get skin everywhere unless you constantly wear socks around the house (probably recommended). It took about 7 days for my feet to finish peeling. In total, it was about a two-week process, so be patient.
  6. Once your feet have completely finished peeling, you’ll be left with soft, smooth soles. I usually have pretty deep heel fissures and they were completely healed after this process. I like to keep my feet looking their best by applying Bag Balm (old school, I know) to my feet every night before bed. This will keep them looking sandal-ready all summer.

photo 4What do you think? Are you willing to try Baby Foot? Let me know in the comments section below!


P.S. I didn’t post any pictures of my peeling process because it was pretty gross, but if you’re interested, there are some Amazon reviewers who have! Also, this is my toenail color.