How To: Style Your Bangs

April 6, 2015

HOW-TO-STYLE-YOUR-BANGSFor a lot of women, the thought of getting bangs brings back flashbacks of bad childhood haircuts. Luckily, bangs as an adult aren’t scary if you know how to style them! No poufy 80s bangs in sight!
STEP-1Apply a drop of smoothing serum (I like Kerastase Elixir Ultime) to soaking wet bangs. It’s important to blow dry your bangs when they are still extremely wet to lock in the style.
STEP-2Set your blow dryer to warm and attach the nozzle. Using a paddle brush, blow dry your bangs across your forehead for about a minute in each direction. Really get into the roots of your bangs to eliminate growth patterns and cowlicks.STEP-3Split your bangs in half horizontally and pin back the top layer. STEP-4Set the blow dryer to the hottest setting. Using a 1.75″ ceramic round brush, blow dry the bottom layer and side pieces. The closer you keep the brush to your forehead and the less curling under you do, the less volume they will have. The more you lift the bangs and the more you curl under, the more volume they will have.STEP-5To eliminate the round brush puffiness, blast with high heat and smooth the bottom layer with the paddle brush.STEP-6Unpin the top layer of your bangs and repeat step 4, blow drying with high heat.STEP-7Repeat step 5, blasting the top layer with high heat and smoothing with the paddle brush. Finish with a quick blast of cold air to seal the cuticle. If there are any unruly pieces, feel free to tame with a flat iron.FINISHEDKinda makes you want to cut bangs again, huh?