It’s No Dinglehopper, But…

March 1, 2014

how to use a spiral bobby pinEver seen one of these before? I discovered them a little while ago and they seemed like a secret too good not to share. It only takes one of these little guys to hold my topknot all day. As a gal with thick hair, I’ve always had issues with regular bobby pins popping out of my hair midday (so. annoying.). With this awesome spiral bobby pin, I never have to worry that I’m sporting a sweet rat tail. Here’s how to use ’em!


Secure your hair in a ponytail. I like to wear my topknot high but the pins work well for low buns and chignons, too. Second or third day hair works well for this kind of style.

putting it up

Gather your hair into a bun. You can make it tight or loose – either way, the bobby pin will hold! I chose to make mine a little loose and messy. Twist the spiral into the bun horizontally right where you’re holding the ends of your hair. Make sure, while twisting it in, to grab some hair close to the scalp to anchor it in place.

all done!

That’s it! Super easy and your bun will last all day. The package comes with two spiral bobby pins, so feel free to anchor your topknot with another one if it feels too loose (twisting in from the opposite side).


P.S. My thin gold rings were a recent H&M find. I couldn’t resist! ;)