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Luxe Home Decor Buys For <$50

November 7, 2016

buddyHaving a nice home can get expensive. I’ve been known to throw myself down a Pinterest-fueled rabbit hole, furiously pinning fabulous home decor and then getting depressed when I realize I can’t even afford one pillow on that velvet-tufted couch. I am the definition of unhinged (p.s. want to follow me on Pinterest?)

We just moved into our new space: a cozy, 2-bedroom house with tons of natural light and room for us to stretch our legs. We made the second bedroom into The Wink HQ (aka my office) and have made a lot of progress decorating the new place in the past few weeks. While I’m not quite ready to share a full home tour, I’m really proud of the luxurious home decor touches I’ve managed to find for the new house without going broke or maxing out a credit card on pillows.

All of these finds are under $50. This is not a drill.

If you’re in the mood to spruce up your space (rented or owned), keep reading for my favorite luxe home decor buys for less than $50!


luxe-home-buys-under-100My favorite candles: My two current candle faves are San Francisco by 42 Pressed and Teakwood & Tobacco by P.F. Candle Co. Both scents are warm and woody and absolutely perfect for autumn. I like to light a few, curl up under a blanket, and have the scent fill the house on a lazy Sunday afternoon.luxe-home-buys-under-100-2

Fiddle leaf fig tree: If you were ever wondering what the large tree-like plant with the huge leaves is you’ve seen on every design blog, it’s a fiddle-leaf fig tree! We bought this one a year or two ago and it was barely three feet tall. Now it’s almost at our ceiling and sprouting new leaves every few weeks! These plants are super easy to care for and require once-a-week watering and bright sunlight.



Marble + copper table lamp: I found this beauty on a recent Target run and it was an instant ‘pick up and put in cart’ moment. I’d been looking for a marble and copper table lamp for one of our bedside tables, and the low profile and sleek barrel shade fit the bill to perfection.



Mid-century modern copper pendant lamp: I picked this copper pendant lamp up at HomeGoods without thinking twice and I can’t wait to install it in my office. Give me all of the copper things.



H&M trays: Have you ever shopped H&M’s home section on their website? H&M Home have the BEST trays. I’m always on the hunt for cute and functional trays to corral my many knickknacks – because everything looks better and more purposeful on a tray.  I bought this little brass scalloped one for our bathroom recently, but I also store my perfumes and other beauty bits on a round copper one I ordered last year.


Aesop Resurrection Aromatique hand soap: Okay, this is a total blogger purchase, but I justified it as a housewarming present… for the house. LOL! I love a luxurious bathroom experience, and this bottle of Aesop hand soap really delivers just that. The scent is gloriously herbaceous and lingers for long after I’ve washed my hands. It’s completely unnecessary, but I promise that you will not regret purchasing it.



Elevated kitchen accessories: When we moved in to our new place, I had one main objective: make the kitchen as beautiful as possible so I’ll want to spend time in there! This was easily the room that I spent the most time and effort on making aesthetically pleasing. Even something as simple as replacing your old plastic cutting boards with marble ones makes a huge difference and becomes something you’re proud to put on display.

I found this copper and marble cutting board at World Market, the basket is from H&M (of. course.), the scissors are from Anthropologie, and the flour sack dishtowels are from Targetluxe-home-buys-under-100-5

CB2 Marta glasses: I’ve talked about these CB2 glasses before, but they are easily one of my favorite home purchases we’ve made. The glass is so incredibly thin yet durable – we’ve had them for over 6 months and not one has broken or chipped. luxe-home-buys-under-100-3

Copper wire baskets & cake stand: I have this thing with copper and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I love keeping this little copper wire basket from HomeGoods perched on our marble and copper cake stand. One of my favorite design tricks is using cake stands for things other than cakes (because really… how often do you use a cake stand for actual cake? Once a year?). Even something as simple as a potted plant or basket of fruit looks like it’s getting the royal treatment when perched atop a beautiful cake stand!


Dry goods jars: Oh my gosh, if you have open shelving, you MUST get beautiful glass jars to store your dry goods. If you don’t have open shelving, you will want to get some after transitioning your dry goods to jars. I found these gorgeous copper and glass jars in the dollar section at Target (um, YEAH). Being the insane person that I am, I bought every single one they had in stock and then drove to another Target and bought all theirs, too. I apologize in advance if you live within a 20-mile radius of me, as you most likely will not be able to find these jars anywhere.