A New York Minute

January 19, 2015

Happy January! What a whirlwind few weeks I’ve had. Soon after the holidays wrapped up, we moved (!!! more on that later this week), bought our first new car (!!!!!) and I went to New York for a business trip/mini vaca with Meghan. We met in the city on Thursday and spent the weekend eating incredible food, braving the cold, and doing everything we could squeeze into a New York minute. Amongst catching a Broadway show and gorging ourselves on pizza (Little Italy Pizzeria on W 45th is where it’s AT), we managed to sneak in a style shoot in Times Square. Don’t let these photos deceive you… it. was. FREEZING. Maybe I’ve become soft since moving to California, but the cold was absurdly brutal. I’m not sure how you New Yorkers do it every year!









Coat: LOFT | Hat: vintage | Gloves: Target | Scarf: Banana Republic | Dress: H&M | Leggings: UNIQLO | Socks: Lands End | Boots: Sole Society

More snaps from New York and life updates coming later this week! 2015 has been a busy one. ;)


Photos by Meghan Scanlon

  • Meghan Scanlon


  • A. I love your boots. B. I love that the 4th picture makes you look lost in the world. I always imagine NYC to be overcrowded and chaotic while in the streets… it’s like everyone stepped away and stood still just for your picture. Love this post! <3 ox

    • julianne

      Thanks Mel!!! <3 xoxo