The Nude Lipsticks I’ve Been Wearing All Summer

August 31, 2016

nude-lipsticks-1A good man is hard to find. So is a good nude lip. Nude lipsticks usually walk the fine line of looking either too rosy or looking like you’re an extra on The Walking Dead. I personally enjoy staying on the cool/pink toned side of things, as I’m really not looking for an acting career. This summer, I’ve been wearing these four nude lip colors on nonstop rotation, with hardly even a glance at my usual summer brights. These lippies have a special way of making my lips look fuller, evening out my complexion, and meshing with every outfit I’m wearing. Magical.

theBalm Meet Matt Hughes in ‘Committed

I love the creamy, mousse-y formula of this liquid lipstick. It’s so creamy that it’s a crime to label it as ‘liquid,’ and the color is a beautiful nude/pink. It also has a minty flavor that leaves a tingly feeling on your lips, which is absolutely divine!

Marc Jacobs Le Marc Le Creme Lipstick in ‘Infamous

As the name suggests, this lipstick is creamy. Of the four, this one stays on the least amount of time and definitely needs to be reapplied after eating or drinking. That said, the formula is so buttery that I do not mind. ;) The color is a beautiful nude peony shade that would look stunning on a variety of skin tones.

NYX Liquid Suede in ‘Soft Spoken

This liquid lipstick is so 90’s and I love it. The formula goes on velvety and opaque but dries down to a matte finish quickly. The flat doe foot applicator wand is perfect for getting a super crisp line, too. The color is fantastic: a deep, dusty rose with brown undertones.

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in ‘Lolita II

I’m obsessed with the terracotta nude of this liquid lipstick by Kat Von D. Of all of my favorites listed here, this one definitely lasts the longest, so I always wear it if I know I’m going to have a busy day and I won’t get the chance to reapply. The formula is thinner than the others, too, but don’t let that deter you! It doesn’t have the gross paint-y, Wite Out texture that some other liquid lipsticks do, thankyouverymuch.

What lipsticks have you been wearing this summer? Let me know in the comments below!