My Newest Love: The Pleated Midi Skirt

February 20, 2017

pleated-midi-skirtAs time goes on, I’ve become compelled to shop at only select few places. Gone are the days of Forever 21 hauls (anyone over the age of 21 would probably pay to never step foot in there again). Even my wardrobe now is completely different from just a few years ago as I find myself drawn to cozy fabrics, muted hues and feminine silhouettes. Nothing else quite embodies all three of these things like my newest love: the pleated midi skirt.

My go-to shop is most certainly ASOS. It’s almost become a joke in my office when someone asks me where I bought something, as the answer is almost inevitably ASOS. I picked out this cozy plaid coat and pleated midi skirt about a month ago, never really intending to wear them together. However, there’s just something so romantic and Parisian about this pairing and I cannot get enough. The finishing touches on this European treat are the structured crossbody, vintage fox fur stole and pointed-toe Chelsea booties.

This outfit is sure to be on repeat in my wardrobe for the months to come, and I’m looking forward to new combinations, as I may have another pleated midi skirt and structured coat on order from ASOS….

S H O P  T H E  P O S T