The Secret Trick to Great Hair

October 20, 2014

I’m reluctant to admit that I have an embarrassing amount of hair products and tools which usually go unused on busy weekday mornings. Is it so terrible that I’d rather spend that extra 30 minutes sleeping than on wrangling my unruly hair? My usual style is sort of a pile of kinks and curls and can look messy and unkempt if I’m not careful. Recently, however, I’ve discovered the secret to looking polished is easier than cranking on the hot tools in the morning. Ready to see what it is?

BEFORE-1Give yourself a precise middle partThe only difference between the above and below photos is that I precisely parted my hair down the middle. It takes five seconds and will make your bad hair day into a great hair day. Don’t be lazy – get in there with a rattail comb and make it perfect. A perfect part makes your bedhead look intentional and gives the illusion that you spent time styling your hair.

AFTER-1So easy and quick! Alternatively, if you have taken the time to blow out your hair (or gotten a professional blowout), make it look less perfect by messing up the part. I’m all about hair not looking too ‘done’ (if you couldn’t tell).


P.S. I took these photos before I changed up my hair! Check out my Instagram for my latest cut and color!