The #NOFOMO Pledge

February 5, 2016


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As you already know, I’m all about being real. This blog is the modern girl’s guide to life – meaning no BS and no façades. The Wink is about helping women look and feel their best. Today, we’re going there and talking about something that everyone has in common: swimsuit insecurity.

Real Talk:

There will always be aspects of our bodies that we don’t like, and having them on display for the world to see in a bathing suit can make a girl want to hide in a hoodie all summer long. Of all the explanations as to why we love/hate summertime, there’s one thing that tops every girl’s list: bikini bodies. Body barriers can hold us all back, preventing us from living summer to its fullest and enjoying the season. There should be so many more things to focus on and enjoy during the summer (popsicles on popsicles on popsicles).

So here goes: I’m here to put it out there and let it all hang out — every apprehension, anxiety, neurosis or paranoia we experience while wearing a bathing suit — to blatantly point out how ridiculous these insecurities actually sound when finally spoken aloud. Because confidence comes from within, not from perfectly toned abs and a perky derriere. Let’s all do ourselves a favor and never discuss it again, k? This summer, we’re going to be team #NOFOMO. Take the #NOFOMO pledge with me – pledge to never miss out on fun, summertime activities because of body insecurities!

Find Your Fit:

I have always loved Target’s selection of swimsuits, and this year is no exception! Each suit that I tried evoked a different vibe. If you’re curvy like me, try a high-waisted bikini or figure-hugging one-piece. For petite gals, I love a suit with high-cut bottoms to elongate the legs. If you’re tall and willowy, try a monokini style for a fun twist on a traditional bikini!

This stripey number radiated fun + flirty vibes, so I paired it with some oversized mirror sunnies and pink lips. It was so comfy and I loved the scoop back style of this suit! Kinda inspired some sweet dance moves on the beach…


This vintage-inspired suit was just begging to be styled with a red lip and a black hat for a sexy, retro look. Perfect for soaking up the sun in the sand.


I love the sporty look of this black high-waisted bikini! I paired it with some sunnies and a tiny top knot (my friend Meghan coined it my Samurai bun, lol). I’ve never been scuba diving, but I feel like this is what I would wear.


My #NOFOMO Pledge:

This summer I’m going to…

  • Hang out by the pool sipping lime margs
  • Run into the waves with my friends
  • Go to a water park

If you’re looking to feel beautiful in your bikini, that only lasts for a season. But if you’re looking to feel beautiful in your own skin, that lasts for a lifetime.

P.S. Don’t forget that Target has free shipping + free returns so you can try as many swimsuits as you want and return what doesn’t work! #YAShoney

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