6 Totally Overrated Beauty Products

May 5, 2016

6-totally-overrated-beauty-productsI love trying out new beauty products – it’s probably one of my favorite things to do! But for me, there’s nothing more disappointing than finally getting my hands on a cult classic, only to find out that it doesn’t live up to the hype. You know you can come to me for honest and unbiased product reviews, so here are the 6 products that I think are totally overrated.


With its reputation preceding it, YSL’s Touche Eclat skates by on cult following and pretty packaging. After seeing countless reviews claiming ZOMG it’s amazing, I knew I needed to try it. Honestly, I was less than impressed. I gave it a fair shake and used up the entire tube, but all-in-all, the product remained lackluster down to the very last swipe. I like my concealers and highlighters to have a bit of substance, and the formula of this product was far too sheer and fluid for my personal preference.


This little blush was one of the first high-end beauty products that I purchased for myself, and even back then I knew that it was totally overrated. The color is so incredibly light and sheer, and there’s almost no color payoff even on someone as fair complected as me. For a product that’s almost $30, I’d expect a bit more bang for my buck!


I truly wanted to like this foundation due to the gazillions of positive reviews. Unfortunately, I found the formula too chalky and it ended up sticking to (and emphasizing) the dry patches on my skin. I may be the only person on the planet who doesn’t like this foundation, but I tend to think that if a base product doesn’t flatter 25-year-old skin, whose skin will it flatter? It would certainly sink into the fine lines on an older woman’s face. In addition, I never found a perfect match in NARS’ shade range that matched my skin tone.


These liquid lipsticks had a MOMENT last summer when they were the matte liquid lipstick to have. They were definitely last summer’s Kylie Lip Kit. They were said to be as good as the Stila liquid lipsticks, and ringing in at only $6 a piece, less than a third of the price. I totally bought into the hype and immediately ordered myself 5 different colors after waiting oh-so-patiently for Colourpop to restock. Needless to say, I was majorly disappointed when they arrived. The formula is so so so dry and it cracked all over the place as soon as I smiled or laughed. The colors also registered strangely neon on the lips due to the pure opacity of the formula. I only wore one of the colors a handful of times before relegating all of them to the back of my makeup drawer, never to be touched again.


Yet another disappointing NARS product – their lip gloss! Am I the only person who doesn’t buy into the NARS hype?! Their lip gloss is just straight up bad. The color goes on super patchy and uneven, and the formula is intensely sticky. I have both Turkish Delight and Orgasm and they’re both terrible. There are large glitter particles in Orgasm which register as gritty on the lips, and the formula smells like melted plastic. Way harsh, Tai.


This is another product where I do not understand the hype. Yes, it does make your lashes lush, black, and fluttery. Awesome! It also gives you panda eyes. Not so cute! The formula is so soft that it just melts off the eyes and ends up puddled underneath after an hour. How everybody is still so obsessed with this mascara is still a mystery to me. Maybe I just expect a lot from my mascara? ;)

Do you agree with my picks? Which products do you think are totally overrated? Let me know in the comments section below!