What’s In My Cart?: ASOS Wishlist

February 26, 2017

To the untrained eye, the ASOS website is an intimidating beast. The monstrous online retailer sells just about everything imaginable from tons of different designers. A veritable smorgasbord. However, the real treasure of the ASOS website is their own collection. For the price point, the quality of ASOS label is stellar, and I would happily exclusively order ASOS label clothing and shoes because I know exactly how they will fit every time.

ASOS is by far my favorite and most-shopped retailer. I’m constantly perusing the website for my latest obsessions, knowing that I can confidently order my usual size and it will fit perfectly. The allure of the sales constantly sucks me in, and I know that I’ll inevitably make a pretty sizeable order (and sizable dent in my bank account) every 6 weeks or so.

When browsing ASOS, the best way to keep track of the items you like is to click the little heart to favorite them. They get stored in your ‘Saved Items’ list for 60 days, so you can go back and keep track of what’s still in stock or wait for something to go on sale. I always have a running list in my Saved Items tab for when I’m feeling like a little ASOS splurge. See what’s currently on my wishlist and shop to your heart’s content!