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Your Winter Skin Regimen

December 8, 2013

Your symptoms: flaky face, raw nose, chapped lips, and cracked hands. The culprit? You make be suffering from… winter. Even before the snow flies, winter weather is taking its toll. Amp up your usual skincare regimen and you’ll be glowing even when it’s snowing (I’m corny). Keep reading for my recommendations!

There’s nothing worse than dry, cracked lips! Every night before bed, exfoliate your lips with a damp washcloth. Then, apply an emollient lip balm like Aquaphor Lip Repair. It also works wonders on a raw nose!

Before showering, dry brush your entire body with a natural bristle brush. Brush the skin on your arms and legs up towards your torso, and the skin on your back down towards the floor. This promotes circulation, rids your body of dead skin cells, and stimulates your lymphatic system. After showering, apply Kiehl’s Creme de Corps to damp skin.

You gals know how much I love my Clarisonic! Use it to keep your face clean and smooth and to exfoliate dead skin cells.

Winter weather calls for a heavy-duty eye cream like Mario Badescu Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream. The eye area does not have any of its own oil glands, therefore, the area needs to be supplemented with a rich eye cream so that it doesn’t dry out! Every night, apply three dots to each brow bone and under eye area and lightly tap to blend.

Even during the winter your skin still needs to be protected from the sun. Use a light, yet emollient moisturizer like Mario Badescu Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15 during the day. It protects the skin from moisture loss without the use of heavy oils.

After washing your face at night, apply a thicker, richer moisturizer to your face. I like Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream because it leaves my skin soft and silky without clogging my pores.

What are some of your winter skin regimen recommendations?