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Featured #Girlboss: Megan Tan of Millennial

June 29, 2015

featured-girlboss-millennialI know it sounds bananas when I say that podcasts changed my life. But, they did. By simply pressing “download” before leaving my apartment in the morning, I am guaranteed entertainment for a hefty chunk of time. There’s no feet being dragged to the BART station. In fact, I actually look forward to hopping on the train and standing for 45 minutes with my face in someone else’s armpit. My favorite podcast, and one that particularly hit home (literally, she lives in my hometown), is Millennial.

Millennial is a podcast that documents what people never teach you – how to maneuver your 20s (something we can all relate to). It’s brought to you by host and producer, Megan Tan, who records what it’s like to be a present-day millennial in real time.

I sat down with Megan, #girlboss extrordinaire and self-starter, to chat about how she got into podcasting, the challenges she faces, and what we can expect from her in the future.

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Summer Style Series: Seaside

June 25, 2015

big-sur-9Top – J.Crew | Skirt – Vintage | Shoes – Swedish Hasbeens | Jacket – ASOS | Sunglasses – ASOS | Nails – Essie

One of my favorite summer outfits is comprised of two basic elements: a casual, linen tee, and a lightweight, full skirt. Add in a jacket for a breezy day by the sea and a pair of heeled sandals and you have the recipe for a summer style series post! I know this leather jacket of mine has been finding its way into many posts around here, but to chance upon the right leather jacket for you is definitely akin to finding true love.

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The Best Lemon Curd Tart

June 22, 2015

You know what they say about when life gives you lemons… make a lemon curd tart! My mom made this tart for me on my 22nd birthday (which, admittedly, was a few years ago now) and it still reigns supreme as the best lemon tart I’ve ever tasted. I decided to replicate the recipe with some California backyard Meyer lemons this past weekend. Even though I consider myself a fairly experienced baker, this recipe was surprisingly tricky and even had me ready to throw in the towel and give up. In true form, I powered through and the end result was well-worth all those frustrating hours and late-night Target runs!

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Summer Style Series: Marine Biology

June 15, 2015


Dress – Old Navy | Hat – Old Navy | Boots – Melissa | Bag – Cuyana | Nails – Essie

After five days in Tahoe, my family and I headed down the coast of California to spend some time in Monterey, home of one of the world’s most famous aquariums. The drive down Route 1 was picturesque, but the aquarium really hit it home. Animals, particularly of the marine variety, hold a special place in my heart. If you knew me as a kid, I used to tell everyone I wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up (thanks for planting the seed, Mom). Hey, at least I came close with my Biology minor! If you’re ever in the Monterey Bay area, the aquarium is a must-see. Bucket list: check!

striped-dress-4 striped-dress-8 striped-dress-7 striped-dress-6 striped-dress-combo

-Photos by Kyle Cronin-



Summer Style Series: Glamping

June 8, 2015

shorteralls-7shorteralls-5shorteralls-9 shorteralls.4 shorteralls-2 shorteralls-1Shorteralls: ASOS | Tee: Madewell | Sunglasses: ASOS | Lipstick: Barry M

As I write this, I’m cozied up in a cabin at Lake Tahoe! It feels so great to get away for a few days for some much-needed R&R. My family flew in on Friday afternoon and we headed straight up to Tahoe from the city. The scenery up here reminds me a lot of Maine, except the trees are taller and the mountains bigger. I guess I’d consider this my first glamping trip, as the cabin we are staying in is nicer than most people’s houses, and WAY nicer than our usual tent in the woods! ;)

Here I am again in overalls – I can’t get enough of these one piece outfits! To me, they’re so perfect for summer. A romper, jumpsuit, or overall… and you’re done! How many pairs of overalls is too many pairs of overalls?
tahoe-sunsetXO, J

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Summer Style Series: The Jumpsuit

June 1, 2015

chambray-jumpsuit-1chambray-jumpsuit-2chambray-jumpsuit-3chambray-jumpsuit-4chambray-jumpsuit-5chambray-jumpsuit-8Hat: Old Navy | Jacket: ASOS | Jumpsuit: Old Navy | Boots: Steven by Steve Madden | Lipstick: Maybelline

Full disclosure: I am the queen of casual-chic. On the weekends, it’s hard to find me in anything but tee dresses and ankle boots. However, I think I may have found the crowning jewel in my casual-chic wardrobe with this chambray jumpsuit. This baby checks allllll the boxes: soft, slouchy, comfy, and it’s a onesie. What more could you want from a summer outfit?

On another (yet related) note, Old Navy has been KILLING it lately. I’ve always loved Old Navy for easy, affordable basics, but they’ve really stepped up their game lately. I couldn’t help myself and picked up this skirt, these pants, these shorts, and these shorteralls this weekend. #sorrynotsorry

When I emerged wearing this jumpsuit, Sawyer asked me, “Umm… who told you that was stylish?” This is of course man-code for “why are you wearing that, you look like an adult baby.” I, of course, confidently replied, “No one told me, I make my own rules homie!” ;) Maybe the joke is on me, but I don’t care. Happy jumpsuit shopping!