Together We Bloom: Femme Fair 2018!

June 1, 2018

Hey, remember me? Popping in to say hello and what a year it has been. In April, I had the privilege of participating in the second annual Femme Fair.  One part community event, one part fancy garage sale, all parts female empowerment movement – Femme Fair was a sight to behold. From intellectual talks and panels, to immersive photo experiences, to shopping galore, Femme Fair brought over 200 Bay Area women together to connect and build relationships.

Check out the stunning photos that Jess Onesto captured during the day!
I had the honor of sharing my booth space with Karine Hsu, the founder of the up-and-coming brand, And Comfort. Her gorgeous, minimal pieces were the perfect counterpoint to my brightly colored wardrobe! It was an exciting day for both of us. Karine ended up selling several pieces from her yet-to-be-released capsule collection, and I made a bunch of sales and met so many new friends.

Thank you to everyone below – our wonderful founders, sponsors, speakers, and more for creating such a magical event!


Founders Stacey de León, Christina Chinn, Melissa San Vicente
Event design Claire Xue
Coordination Ashley-Victoria
Graphic design Nailah Ali
Editorial Weekend Creative

Venue rented through Peerspace

So thankful to Peerspace for allowing us to use such a gorgeous venue! They believe amazing things happen when people meet, create, and celebrate in the company of others, and that planning these gatherings – starting with finding the perfect space – should be simple. Femme Fair was this and much more, and for that we have Peerspace to thank.

Photographer Jess Onesto

Videographer Marco Bercasio


Arnelle Lozada, Chloe Elisa, Mandana Ansari, Melissa San Vicente and Shahida Zareef


Ashleigh Reddy, Angie Hilem, Chandamheer Stacker, Chantelle Tankson, Christine Yun, Daisy Hernandez, Eden Davis, Emma Ribeira, Gabriella Seviya, Gomada Leone Thomas, Jayme Sy, Julianne Cronin, Kelsey Kaplan, Monica Cruz-Hernandez


Macrame wall hangings Lise Silva
Hanging undies Pansy
Event florals Freckled Floral + Claire Xue
Booth florals Landeau
Furniture Archive Rentals + Stacey de León


Desserts The Jen Project
Girl power cookies XO Bakes
Yogurt and cheese plate Kite Hill Foods
Granola Nana Joes Granola
Fruit Snacks Bare Snacks
Coffee Lady Falcon Coffee Club
Wines Anna de Codorniu and Windsor Vineyards
Cocktails Purity Organic


Skincare Lounge DHC Skincare
Hair, Makeup & Manis Stylebee
Blowout Bar Dyson
Lip Bar Nars
Floral DIY Le Bouquet


Candid Art
Dopp City Shoes
Mandana Blvd
Saje Wellness


Peerspace, Bumble & Bumble, Cocokind, Dyson Supersonic, SoulCycle, T3 Micro, and Oui Shave


Browology, DHC Skincare, Bare Snacks, Bite Beauty, CreativeLive, Charlotte Russe, Dyson, Greetabl, IBY Beauty, Fat and the Moon, Hush Dotti, Iris and West, Nutri-Rich Vitamins, Lilah Beauty, MGS Accessories, Miss Patisserie, Navitas Organics, OLLY, Pacifica Beauty, Passion Planners, Posh and Wild, Pressed Juicery, SmashMallow, Sunglass LA, TCHO, WinkyLux


How One Simple Switch Saved Me Over $1k Last Year

January 29, 2018

– Sponsored Content –

When I was 17, I failed my driver’s test. Twice. When I finally did pass, my parents bought my brother and me a green 2000 Ford Focus to share. My brother was in college living at home, and I was in my senior year of high school. Being the bratty little sister that I was, I insisted that I take the car to school during the week. I would drive it to school and leave it parked in the student parking lot. My brother had to take the city bus to the next town over to go to class (legit still feel bad about this – sorry Kyle!).

At the time, having a car meant the freedom to do whatever I wanted with my friends after school without needing to be picked up or dropped off by my parents. I certainly wasn’t thinking about heavy things like car insurance and deductibles.

The summer after graduation, my friend Hannah and I took a road trip in my Ford Focus to visit our friend who had recently moved from Maine to Montreal. The trip was great, but the whole time I was worried about my car breaking down. It already had a bunch of problems, and the check engine light was on, which only served to heighten my anxiety.

I took the car to college that fall, and within a few months, I promptly sold it. Since it was now my responsibility to take care of it (I was technically an adult and my brother had bought his own car), I no longer wanted to worry about the little engine that could causing me problems.

I upgraded my car to a slightly newer 2002 Volkswagen Golf. She was my baby. She had her own fair share of problems, though, and ended up costing me a bunch of money in repairs during school.

By the time we graduated college, Sawyer and I knew that we were moving to San Francisco. We sold our cars in anticipation of our new city lifestyle and started our journey.

Our first year in SF, we lived without a car. We subsisted entirely on Muni, Ubers/Lyfts, and walking. It was terrible. That year, I frequently found myself envious of all the other car owners and would fantasize about being able to hop in my car to go grocery shopping instead of schlepping to the store in a Lyft. It’s hard to explain the feeling, but without a car, we felt so exposed and yet so trapped. It was isolating.

We made the decision to move out of the city after our apartment lease was up the following January. The option to get a car was a huge factor in our decision to leave. We had already test-driven a few different cars in our budget range and had decided on the one we were going to get before even moving out of our San Francisco apartment. By move-out day, we had signed a three-year lease on a white Volkswagen Passat. That day, we loaded up the Uhaul and our new car and headed out to our new apartment across the Bay in Walnut Creek.

With this new car came new responsibilities. Doing research for my first car insurance policy felt like a daunting task. Up until this point, I had always been covered under my parents’ car insurance policy. I chatted with my them and they recommended we get a quote from their insurance company. However, since Sawyer and I were fairly young drivers now living in California, the quote we received from that company was way too high to fit into our budget. We also knew that we wouldn’t be putting a ton of miles on our car since we both needed to commute into the city on BART during the week.

For the first six months of car ownership, we were covered by Progressive. At the time, it was the best quote we could find. However, after six months, Progressive raised our premium.

I remembered the ad I had seen on BART for a car insurance company called Metromile and did what any millennial would do: I Googled it.

Immediately, it felt like a step in the right direction. Metromile is a pay-per-mile insurance company: the less you drive, the less you pay. I excitedly texted Sawyer about it and submitted my information to Metromile. Within minutes, I was staring at a quote that was less than half of what we were currently paying with Progressive. I was sold and signed up immediately.

That was in 2015. 

Since then, Metromile has saved us over $1,000 a year. In total, we have saved over $3,000 since signing up in 2015. With the money that Metromile has saved us, we have been able to do more the things we love, like traveling. I love having an insurance company that allows me to control how much I pay for the same great coverage options – so brilliant!

Metromile also has some super cool features that most other insurance companies don’t provide, like GPS tracking, an engine decoder, and street sweeping alerts. We used to park on the street at our last apartment and those street sweeping alerts that Metromile sent us saved us from getting a ticket SO MANY times.

Also, Metromile provides us the coverage to feel safe when we do take road trips. Last year, a rock chipped our windshield while we were driving on the highway. I contacted Metromile and filed a claim and they worked with me to get the chip fixed (a technician came to me – I did literally nothing) within a week.

Switching to Metromile has proven to be one of the best decisions we’ve made since moving to the Bay Area in 2014. With the money we’ve saved over the past few years, Sawyer and I were able to buy out our car lease this month (!!!).

Getting a Metromile quote is free and only takes a few minutes. Why not give is a shot and see how much you could be saving?

This post was sponsored by one of my favorite Bay Area companies, Metromile. All thoughts, opinions, and car stories are very much my own. :)



A Little Wardrobe Update…

November 28, 2017

I’ve alluded to this quite a few times on Instagram, so I thought it was high time I sat down and put together a proper post on the topic of my wardrobe. Over the summer, I noticed a shift in myself. I found that I mostly wore a handful of pieces while the rest of my wardrobe remained most untouched.

I’d heard the term “capsule wardrobe” floating around the internets for quite some time but honestly the concept didn’t appeal to me because of how restricting and narrow the capsule wardrobes seemed. How could someone who loves clothes and style as much as I do restrict themselves to only a few items of clothing?

I dismissed it and continued wearing the same outfits over and over again.

This all changed when I found Caroline Rector’s blog, Unfancy. She made capsule wardrobes seem fun, cool, and relaxed. I was struck by her approach to the capsule wardrobe – how it should essentially encompass everything about your favorite items in your wardrobe. I’d previously been under the assumption that a capsule wardrobe consisted of black trousers, white blouses, and clothing with zero personality and style.

Caroline’s formula for the capsule wardrobe was mind-blowingly simple: wear only the things that you like and that you feel good in. You can have a capsule of entirely black clothing, if that’s what you like to wear.

What a concept.

My goal was simple, too: to feel better in my clothes and be happy with every outfit I wear. I felt like I was already halfway there with my handful of clothes that got worn on major repeat, but there were still a lot of holes to fill and a bunch of pieces I owned that I knew weren’t working for me anymore.

I knew it was time to roll up my sleeves and dig into this thing once and for all.


In Caroline’s Capsule Wardrobe planner, she explains that your capsule should rotate seasonally and should include pieces that you love to wear. I thought this was absolutely revolutionary and a different approach to any capsule wardrobe idea I’d seen before. I decided to give it a shot and filled out the planner.

You can see my June – September 2017 planner here!

It was so interesting for me to take the way I think about my clothing out from a place of “feeling” (i.e. “I don’t like this sweater”) to pinpointing exactly why I don’t like something (i.e. “I don’t wear this sweater because it’s itchy and I need to wear a tank top underneath, which makes me too warm”).

This seems like SUCH a simple concept but so many of us (including me) don’t do this, which ultimately leads to not knowing why we are so unhappy with our clothes.

I’ve just completed my second capsule planner for the months of October – January which you can see here.

I learned a lot about what I liked to wear in my first round of capsule planning. For example, I listed a vintage red bandana dress under the “Pieces I Own + Never Wear” section because it was “too much RED.” After completing the planner, I realized that I actually liked wearing red sometimes, and the dress ended up being one of my favorite pieces to wear over the summer! I also promptly listed all of the clothes in that section on Poshmark and managed to sell a bunch to fund pieces on my wishlist (with the exception of that red bandana dress that got a second chance!).

This post has the potential to turn into a BEAST because I have a lot to say on the matter, so I’m going to promise to keep it short and sweet and follow up with regular checkups. Here’s a few of my outfits from the past couple of weeks. Nothing fancy to see here (UNfancy you could say 😉), but these are my real outfits I’ve worn to work and on the weekends… mostly taken in the mirror in our work bathroom because THIS IS MY REAL LIFE.

pink suede jacket (on sale!) / turtleneck (old, similar) / black high-waisted jeans / ankle boots

leather jacket (old, similar) / sweatshirt / hat (old, similar)

leather jacket (old, similar) / sweater / skirt (old, similar) / ankle boots

sweater (old, similar) / pants (sold out, similar) / socks (old, similar) / mules

sweater (out of stock, similar) / jeans

Excited for what’s to come! xo


The Three Things I Splurge On

October 30, 2017

Okay, I’ll admit it: I’m an indulgent person. I’m never one to deprive myself of something fabulous. If I want it, I will most likely get it, and this goes for pretty much everything (clothing, makeup, all the delicious foods, etc., etc., etc.).

HOWEVER. I am not rich. By any means. Therefore, I cannot indulge my every whim or I would shop myself into a giant hole of debt.

So, I’ve figured out the three things that I want to prioritize over everything else I spend my money on. I allow myself to splurge on these things while cutting back on the other aspects of my life. It would be amazing to be able to afford everything my heart desired and more, and maybe someday I will get there. For right now, this is what works for me (and obviously we all have different priorities), so keep reading to find out the three things that I splurge on and WHY I choose to spend my money on these three things.


Omg, shoes. Such a cliche girly thing to say but hear me out, okay? I’m not spending my money on designer shoes. In fact, I have never owned a pair of designer shoes (even though those Gucci loafers are mighty enticing). I prefer to buy high quality, well-made shoes that will last me years.

It’s important to be kind to your feet when you’re young. I’ve stopped wearing heels entirely because they’re uncomfortable and the payoff just isn’t there. Nowadays, I find myself drawn to mules, flat boots, and comfortable sandals. Finding comfy shoes that are also high-quality is important to me – after all, who am I trying to impress?

Finding sustainably made shoes is also important to me. Nisolo is one of those brands that just gets it. Their shoes are extremely comfortable, well-made, and high quality – they sell the shoes that you wish you could find in other stores. Nisolo designs their shoes in Nashville and makes them in Peru. They’re also 100% sustainable and their workers get paid a fair wage. I currently own two pairs of Nisolos (this pair and this pair) and plan to get more this season.

I’m also a huge fan of Freda Salvador and I’m currently saving up for my first pair. Their shoes are super unique and give off major cool-girl vibes. Fredas are designed in Sausalito and handmade in Spain by a family of shoemaking artisans. They’re designed to last and be enjoyed by generations to come.

I may not have many pairs of shoes, but I’m happy wearing a few well-made pairs that will last me for years.


The second thing I splurge on is my hair. It’s important for my hair to be my crowning jewel – it’s on my head every day, after all! That’s why I really don’t mind spending a bit of extra cash to keep my hair looking luscious.

I go to diPietro Todd Salon in Walnut Creek (diPietro Todd has a few salons around the Bay Area) and typically ask for a full balayage/foil. The Balayage technique is hand-painted, so it grows out very naturally; I only need to go in a few times a year to touch up my color. I also “dust” my hair between trim appointments (read about hair dusting here!), and therefore only need to go in for a cut when my hair needs a good shaping.

Between appointments, I extend the life of my color by only using sulfate-free hair products and applying the Oribe Glaze for Beautiful Color once a week. It keeps my hair healthy and glossy! I also love Miriam Quevedo White Caviar Shampoo. It’s pricey but honestly, I’ve never used another shampoo like it! It thoroughly cleanses my hair and scalp but doesn’t strip my hair. One time, I completely forgot to use conditioner afterward and didn’t even notice a difference.

To moisturize my curls, I use Oribe Supershine moisturizing cream. My hair is naturally dry, so I use the regular Oribe Supershine – but for those who are prone to greasiness, Oribe makes Supershine Light which is less heavy. Once my hair has dried, I’ll add in a bit more Supershine for extra glossiness – this product is seriously heaven-sent. Depending on the day, I’ll also spritz in a bit of the Oribe Aprés Beach spray. I’ve also been loving Living Proof T.B.D. Multi-Tasking Styler for second-day waves and curls.

So – with a few splurge-worthy hair appointments throughout the year, quality cuts and color, and good hair products, my crowning jewel has never looked better! ;)


I’ve talked about my skincare routine in-depth in the past, and not much has changed. I am fastidious about my skincare and don’t mind splurging big bucks for the products that deliver results.

Overall, though the products may fluctuate from time to time, I have a pretty solid process that I follow daily. Consistency is the key to great skin, so regardless of the specific products, if you follow a consistent schedule/routine, you’ll most likely see great results. Another thing to keep in mind with skincare: results take time. Not days, not even weeks, but months and sometimes years. Did you know that it takes two weeks for a zit to form underneath your skin and finally surface? Think about that for a minute.

Every evening, I’ll use an oil-based cleanser, like a balm or cleansing oil, to remove the makeup and dirt from the day (currently loving this one by Rodial). After massaging in the cleanser for about a minute, I remove with a clean muslin cloth that I run under hot water. Once my skin is clean, I squirt a glycolic acid toner (I use the Pixi Glow Tonic) onto a cotton pad and swipe all over my face and neck. Then, after the toner has dried, I apply my Retinol treatment (this one from The Ordinary is my jam and only $10). On top of that goes my serum – currently using this one from Instytutum. Finally, I pat my Indie Lee Squalane Oil onto my face and neck. I’ll also apply my old standby, Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado, around my orbital bones. I top everything off by sleeping with a silk eye mask and silk pillowcase to lock in the moisture.

It’s taken years of routine for my skin to look good, and I definitely want to keep it that way! I try to go in for a facial once a season (so 4x a year) to keep my skin balanced.

Honestly, if you have great skin and hair, you don’t need much makeup. Also, great shoes can totally elevate an outfit. I’m happy dressing myself in Old Navy and ASOS and buying my mascara at Walgreens if it means I can delegate my funds to these three splurge-worthy categories.

Now that you know mine, I’d love to know… what are the things you like to splurge on? Leave me a comment and let’s chat!


September Vibes

September 15, 2017

September is a strange month. On one hand, September feels as though it should kick off the Fall season. I love pulling my cozy sweaters out of the closet and pairing them with high-waisted denim (these are my fave fave fave) and ankle boots. Sadly, those sweaters will have to stay in the closet for a bit longer, because September is gearing up to be h-o-t in the Bay. We’ve been working hard to get our patio in tip-top shape to enjoy the last of this Indian Summer, and I’ll definitely be sharing the big reveal in a few weeks.

I’m also jetting off to LA this weekend for a little celebratory getaway – my big bro is turning the big 30! Looks like I’ll be wearing my breezy linen skirts and knotted tees a little while longer…. Happy September! ✌🏼

Home Decor

My Newfound Love for Interior Design

September 11, 2017

This past couple of years, I’ve really taken to the interior design world. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve always tried to make our home look nice with what little décor budget we had. In college, I scoured Craigslist for gently used pieces that needed a new home. When we first moved to San Francisco, I made several large trips to IKEA and Zozi’s Loft in SF to furnish our new place.

We’ve lived in the Bay Area now for over three years and have slowly been updating our home with nicer, higher quality investments. Subsequently, my interest in interior design has skyrocketed. I’ve become obsessed with designing every square inch of our apartment with cozy furnishings and imperfectly-styled décor. Plants abound. Candles guttering. Hygge aplenty.

Our New Place

It’s taken me a bit longer to settle into this new apartment (when I say “new” I mean we moved in May… lol). This latest move came quite unexpectedly, as we had just settled into our last place and were feeling comfortable in our new space. Our lease we signed was only 6 months and we thought that we’d be able to extend it. We were wrong.

After just 6 short months, we had to uproot our lives. This was our second move in less than a year and I didn’t handle it well (like not at all). I resisted packing and I was little help on the actual moving day. I had such a hard time acting like an adult, and I am so grateful for Sawyer’s endless patience with me. It took me a long time to work through some very unpleasant feelings and moods.

It’s now September and I’ve just gotten to a place where this new apartment is beginning to feel like home. In the first couple of months here, I had no desire to set anything up, hang artwork on the walls, or really try at all to make the place into a home for us. This was the actual worst because I am truly a homebody at heart. Thankfully, we signed a year lease on this new place and I was finally able to get over those initial dejected and listless feelings and breathe some life into our home.

I snapped some photos of our space last weekend and decided I wanted to share them here with you. Our new home is almost “complete.” However, the perfectionist in me isn’t ready to share a full tour until the finishing touches have been put into place.

interior design