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A Christmas Giveaway! -CLOSED-

November 29, 2014

The giveaway is over and the winner has been emailed directly. Thanks to all who entered!


It’s that time of year again… HOORAY! I’m SO excited to host my second year of a Christmas giveaway with Kelsey Fahey Originals! My lovely and talented friend Kelsey handcrafts these ornaments out of recycled books, folding each petal individually. One lucky reader will win this beautiful handmade ornament to hang on their Christmas tree. Details to win below!



To enter this giveaway:


The winner of this giveaway will be drawn randomly on Saturday, December 6th. The winner must have a U.S. shipping address. GOOD LUCK!



Today I am 24 Years Old.

November 18, 2014


Today I am officially in my mid-twenties.

I feel so proud of everything that I’ve accomplished in the last year. I’ve sold my car and most of my possessions, moved across the country, rented a new apartment, found a new job, and made a life for myself here in San Francisco. After almost a year of living here, I feel like I’m coming into my own and settling into the city. I feel extremely grateful that I grew up in Maine and it will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart, but I’m also so grateful to have this amazing new experience of living somewhere completely new and giving it a go on my own. And although this blog tends to only highlight the fun and exciting things about city living, there are many not-so-glamorous aspects, too (like the fact that rent prices can’t stop won’t stop).

It’s been a year of both good and bad memories, of forging new friendships and cherishing old ones, of blossoming growth, and of crippling loss. I’m so grateful for the everything past year has taught me and I’m looking forward to what comes next. Bring it on, 24.


P.S. Photo taken by Sawyer while enjoying a post-ice skating birthday burger and chocolate shake at Calibur.


New In: Six From Origins

November 11, 2014


Origins is one brand that I’ve heard many great things about but never gotten into. So, as a first foray into the brand, I decided to order this six-piece Origins Bestsellers set from Sephora (now sold out!!!!). I’ve found myself drawn to more skincare products lately and wouldn’t mind actually splurging on the full-sized versions if these products live up to their hype.

I have already blogged about my love for the Origins Clear Improvement active charcoal mask and was thrilled to see it included in the set. I was hoping that the Drink Up – Intensive Overnight Mask would be included as well because I’m dying to get my hands on it. In fact, I even had the full-sized version in my Sephora cart and it sold out before I submitted my order! Way to trash a girl’s heart, Sephora.

Out of the set, I am most excited to try the GinZing moisturizer. I’ve heard great things and I’m always on the hunt for my perfect daily moisturizer. I washed my face with the Checks and Balances face wash and moisturized with High Potency Night-A-Mins cream last night before bed. I woke up this morning with plump, nourished, non-greasy skin. So far so good!

I’m so bummed this set is already sold out at Sephora. Eagle-eyed readers, keep an eye out for its return (perhaps closer to Christmas?).

Have you tried Origins? What’s your favorite product?




November 7, 2014


I recently read an article where Drew Barrymore talks about a term she coined “#commuterbeauty,” wherein busy gals on the go just don’t have time to get their makeup on before leaving the house. Since moving to San Francisco, my daily commute is usually anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour (the train I take is really, really slow), and I’ve really put that time to use and still have time to spare. I’ve pared down to my beauty essentials (but still haul enough products for a variety of looks) and carry them with me daily. I’ve built it into my morning routine, giving myself just enough time to shower, get dressed, and style my hair before running out to catch the train. I’m not the only gal who’d rather hit the snooze button, either! I see a few other #commuterbeauties applying their makeup on the train every morning as well.

Here’s what I carry in my on-the-go makeup bag:

Are you a #commuterbeauty like me? What’s in your makeup bag?


P.S. In writing this post, I realized I was carrying around 5 different mascaras. Whoops! Maybe not as pared down as I thought…


Featured Blogger on The Most Happy!

November 3, 2014

I’m so excited to announce that today I am a featured blogger on The Most Happy! One of the things I love most about having a blog are the opportunities to connect with other like-minded bloggers. Lisa, creator of The Most Happy, is an aspiring author, freelance writer, and style enthusiast. Her blog is dedicated to what makes her happy. She writes about fashion, books, women, and travel. Click on over to see the full feature and be sure to say hi!

featured blogger