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Buffalo Plaid

November 30, 2015

buffalo-plaid-11Oh, hello favorite time of the year! It’s official – I’m fully in the Christmas spirit and there’s no turning back now. Christmas music has infiltrated my very last Spotify playlist of the year (follow me here!) and I’m finding every excuse to guzzle hot chocolate and eggnog. I leave for Maine in two and a half weeks and couldn’t be more excited to see my dearest family and friends, eat my favorite foods, and experience a white Christmas.

I’ll be savoring the last of these outfits for a while, as I’ll be bundled head to toe in thick sweaters, scarves, and wool coats in a couple of short weeks. Something about buffalo plaid just screams Christmas and reminds me of that year when my mom dressed my brother and me in matching buffalo plaid ensembles for our annual Christmas card. Hey Mom, you didn’t know back then what a priceless #TBT you were creating! Should we recreate the photo this year?

P.S. There’s a sneaky new page in my header and a carousel in my sidebar where you can now shop my must-have products, my wishlist, and my currently coveting! I have also added a carousel to the bottom of every post so you can shop the products mentioned with ease! Happy shopping, gals! ;)
buffalo-plaid-10 buffalo-plaid-9 buffalo-plaid-8 buffalo-plaid-7buffalo-plaid-2 buffalo-plaid-6 buffalo-plaid-4 buffalo-plaid-3 buffalo-plaid-1

Hat – H&M | Jacket – ASOS | Shirt – American Eagle | Dress – BCBG MaxAzria | Shoes – Old Navy | Lips – Maybelline | Nails – OPI



How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

November 24, 2015


Today I wanted to take you through my process of editing photos for Instagram, and share with you some tips that I think you’ll find helpful! I know, I know… using multiple apps sounds like a daunting task, but I’ve broken it down into easier to swallow chunks that not only help me, but may be helpful to others struggling to edit as well!


#AskJulianne: Where Can I Find Age Appropriate Jeans?

November 13, 2015


Hi Julianne,  

I was wondering if you could recommend some good looking dress jeans for a “mom” type that wants to look classy and stylish (nothing too “junior” or “old lady”)? I plan to wear them for casual wear with sweaters or a blazer. Also, if you could recommend some nice booties to go with the jeans, that would be great, too! I saw your post on booties, but I am looking for something with a low heel. Any thoughts?


Youthful Mom


Dear Youthful Mom,

Great question! There are a few places I would recommend starting out. I’ve always found that GAP, LOFT, and Banana Republic offer styles and cuts of jeans that are flattering, not too low rise, comfortable, and age-appropriate. Even as a 20-something, I find myself gravitating towards these places when I shop for my jeans. Here are some things to look for and keep in mind when you are shopping:

  • Look for a mid-rise style – these are the most flattering. Low rise is too junior, and high rise can look dated if they’re not properly styled. If you’re unsure of the rise, make an “L” shape with your left hand and hold up to the zipper. If the zipper is shorter than the “L,” they’re too low. If the zipper is longer, they’re too high.
  • Check the tags and shop for pairs that are 2% Spandex. This is the right amount of stretch to be forgiving and prevents them from getting baggy in the knee midday.
  • Look for a medium to dark wash with no distressing or whiskering.
  • Look for pairs marked as a straight or skinny cut. Bootcut and flare jeans are out of style right now and may date you.
  • If you are tall, be sure to buy pairs marked “tall” – you’ll want to be able to have a bit of material to cuff above your booties!

I recently picked up this pair of booties from Naturalizer and I can’t say enough good things about them! Naturalizer is no longer an “old lady” brand. They have some really cute and stylish pairs of booties that are (of course!) comfortable. I hope this helps and happy shopping!

Got a question or just need some advice? Email me at or tag #AskJulianne on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t worry – I won’t post anything without your permission!

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Best of the Drugstore Beauty Aisle

November 10, 2015

drugstore-beauty-favoritesWe all know I love a good drugstore beauty haul. It’s hard for me to stop into Walgreens to pick up a prescription without emerging with 3 new lipsticks and a mascara. The real issue, however, is finding the diamonds in the rough – those standalone products that stack up against their higher end competitors. Today I’m going to break it down for you and present my top picks and best of the drugstore beauty aisle!


  • No. 7 Stay Perfect Shade & Define Sticks: These eyeshadow/liner sticks are a near-perfect dupe for the By Terry Ombre Blackstar and the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks. I have them in the shades Cool Mink and Glistening Ray, but I want to pop back to Target for all the other shades!
  • NYX Matte Lipstick: Leave it to NYX to come up with some of the best matte lipstick formulas and colors! The shade ‘Indie Flick’ is a dupe for NARS ‘Red Square,’ and the shade ‘Shocking Pink’ is a dupe for NARS ‘Schiap’!
  • L’Oreal Infallible Makeup Setting Spray: This little product is the perfect dupe for the Urban Decay All-Nighter Setting Spray. My favorite way to use it is to spritz a beauty blender until damp and then use it apply my foundation.
  • L’Oreal Infallible Matte Foundation: Speaking of foundation… I’m obsessed with this one by L’Oreal! I think they really nailed it with this Infallible product line. This foundation is super matte and the tiniest amount goes such a long way.
  • L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara: I’ve tried many mascaras and this one beats out almost all the others. It makes my lashes longer than any other mascara I’ve tried and doesn’t smudge or flake. I think it might be magic!
  • Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm: This is the most nourishing and hydrating lip balm I’ve ever used, and I would pick this one over any high-end one any day. I apply it every night before bed, and it’s still on my lips when I wake up!
  • NYX HD Studio Finishing Powder: This NYX powder is a fantastic dupe for the Makeup Forever HD Microfinish Powder. NYX makes some great dupes and this is one of them! Blends into skin flawlessly, absorbs oil, and leaves an airbrushed finish!


  • Real Techniques brushes: I’ve waxed poetic about these brushes so many times before, it would be a crime to leave them off the list! I love the originals, and the new Bold Metals Collection are a great addition as well.


  • Sensationail Starter Nail Kit: When regular gel manicures are wreaking havoc on your bank account, this bad boy is here to save the day! This kit comes with everything you need to DIY your own gel manicure, including an LED lamp. My at-home gel manis last as long as the ones from the salon!


  • L’Oreal EverCreme Shampoo & Conditioner: This sulfate-free duo is super gentle on color-treated and overprocessed hair, and the scent is incredible. These two will always be a staple in my shower!
  • L’Oreal Elnett Satin Hairspray: Once you use it, you’ll understand why people used to bring this back from Europe in their suitcases. The micro diffuser mists so lightly yet it holds all day.

What are your favorite beauty products from the drugstore? Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments section below!


#AskJulianne: I’m Bored with My Hair!

November 8, 2015


Hey, Julianne!

I’ve been following your blog since the beginning and have loved every post. Thanks to your tutorials, I am a pro at contouring and my brows are always on fleek. :) I’ve purchased several products that you recommended and have loved all of them–my favorites are the Origins Clear Improvement Charcoal Mask and my Clarisonic (I seriously don’t know how I survived over two decades without one). All in all, your blog has seriously improved my style and beauty game and, in turn, my confidence!

I’m writing today to ask for some hair advice. I have extremely fine, flat, oily hair with little texture and I have trouble finding a style that’s right for me. I think I’ve tried every single product that claims to lift fine hair, from root lifters to thickeners to volumizing sprays, but I haven’t found anything that makes much of a difference. I’m currently growing out bangs and the rest of my hair is one length that falls about an inch below my collarbone. I’m looking for a change! I’ve had straight bangs before that I really liked, but I didn’t feel like the rest of the cut was doing much for me. One thing I DO like about my hair is the color. It’s a rich dark brown and I get great natural highlights in the summer. I’d like to avoid chemical treatments because my hair tends to be brittle.

I’m looking for something that will look good with relatively little upkeep. I’d prefer a length that allows me to put most of my hair up, but I’m open to suggestions. I know you’ll have great advice for me and I can’t wait to hear it!


Dear Hair Change,

Thanks for writing in! First things first – long hair is totally overrated (in my opinion). It sounds like the length you already have could work for you with just a little tweaking. Right off the bat, I would recommend doing the below things to help pump up your fine hair:

  • take Biotin: the Amazon reviews alone will tell you everything you need to know!
  • sleep on a satin or silk pillowcase: not only is this tip good for preventing wrinkles, it will also prevent hair breakage during your sleep.
  • use Lush Roots: this product is key for building up volume at the root of your hair without making it greasy.
  • use Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: use this spray like a dry shampoo on your hair and it will add LOADS of volume (you haven’t tried anything like it, I promise!).

Below are some cuts and styles that I think would work for your hair and give you a much-needed change!



Overall, I think you would look great with a blunt bob that clears the shoulders and choppy, shorter bangs (at least 3/4 of an inch above your eyebrows). Be sure to ask your stylist for longer pieces in the front. This will be short enough to look like a style and long enough to tie up. Also, keep in mind that bang trims will be your friend, and most hair stylists offer them complimentary between appointments! I hope this helps, and please let me know if you’re loving your new hair!

Got a question or just need some advice? Email me at or tag #AskJulianne on Twitter or Instagram. Don’t worry – I won’t post anything without your permission!

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Seventies Vibes

November 2, 2015

suede-skirt-3suede-skirt-2suede-skirt-4suede-skirt-1suede-skirt-8suede-skirt-12suede-skirt-11suede-skirt-6suede-skirt-5Jacket – ASOS | Turtleneck – H&M | Skirt – Old Navy | Boots – ASOS

The temps are finally cooling off and I couldn’t be more excited to bring out my fall clothing. I’m fully embracing the autumnal color palette in this seventies-inspired outfit. This faux suede mini skirt from Old Navy has become one of my favorite pieces of the season. Paired with a slim black turtleneck and black tights and boots, this look gives a nod to the seventies that I’m totally on board with.

To toughen things up, I added in my trusty leather jacket from ASOS. It was a happy day when I could pull this back out of my closet, because it’s finally cool enough to wear it! This look will surely be in heavy rotation in the coming months!


P.S. Also, new hair! I’m totally in love with this ash blonde/gray American balayage c/o my girl, Juliann, at Population Salon!