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Favorite Haircare Buys

October 27, 2014


haircare-buys-2As a follow-up to my last post, I thought I’d also make a list of my favorite haircare buys! This list changes more frequently than my previous one, but I wanted to share my list of current must-haves. My natural hair texture is wavy/curly and quite dry. While I try to work with my natural texture as much as I can, I’ve found that these five products (including the wash) have aided me significantly and have made my mane much more manageable. After all, a gal’s hair should be her crowning jewel!

  1. Wen Lavender Cleansing Conditioner: I got hooked on this cleansing conditioner this summer and will probably never go back to my regular shampoo/conditioner combo again. I find it to be incredibly moisturizing and my dry hair drinks it up, but it doesn’t make my scalp oily. In fact, my scalp got so used to the moisturizing formula that when I ran out of Wen (I went back to using regular shampoo for a few weeks), my scalp broke out in extreme dry patches. The dry patches cleared right up when I went back to using Wen.
  2. Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner: In addition to using Wen, I also spray this leave-in conditioner on my hair after getting out of the shower. Besides acting as a great detangler, this leave-in conditioner doesn’t weigh my hair down at all (like most conditioners do) and makes my blowout so shiny and reflective. It is magic.
  3. Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk: Seeing as I only wash my hair about once a week, I’m constantly on the hunt for a great dry shampoo to prolong the life of my blowout. I’d heard so many rave reviews about this one from Klorane, but at $20 a bottle, I was hesitant to take the plunge. A few months ago, I got a travel size sample in my Ipsy Glam Bag and it was love at first spray. It doesn’t make my hair feel gritty or sticky like some other dry shampoos and smells awesome.
  4. Kerastase Elixir Ultime: Kerastase Elixir Ultime is the holy grail in many a beauty blogger’s medicine cabinet. Applied pre-blowout, it penetrates the hair shaft and yields seriously soft, shiny, and frizz-free results. As you may remember from this post, I had been struggling with frizzy hair in the misty SF weather. Now that I’ve been using Elixir Ultime, there’s not a flyaway in sight. Bonus: it smells like a fabulously expensive perfume (think Dior J’Adore).
  5. Living Proof Prime Style Extender: I’ve already posted about this product but couldn’t help myself from posting about it again. I apply Prime Style Extender generously on my damp hair after showering (including on the roots) and blow my hair out. I manage to go a good 5-6 (sometimes 7) days without washing my hair again. Some may say that’s gross, but I say it’s awesome. As someone with newly chopped bangs, I’m all about prolonging my blowout and cutting down on heat styling.

In addition to these products, my new hairdryer is a lifesaver. I like to work with what I’ve got, with the help of a few favorite products, of course! ;)


P.S. My all-time favorite beauty buys.


Favorite Beauty Buys

October 23, 2014



I thought it was about time I put together a list of my favorite products that I find myself reaching for again and again. Some are new discoveries, but most are old favorites that I never seem to grow tired of. I’m so excited to share my tried-and-true favorites with you!

  1. BareMinerals BareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation + Brush: This has become my go-to foundation for glowing, natural-looking skin. It has even replaced my NARS Sheer Glow as my every day foundation! Also, the brush is key to buffing the product flawlessly into the skin.
  2. Essie ‘Wicked’ + ‘No More Film’: Essie ‘Wicked’ has been my favorite nail color for quite some time. Even though the color is a sinister, creamy red, I wear it year round. A newer Essie favorite is ‘No More Film,’ a seductively deep violet-blue.
  3. Fresh Sugar Rose Lip Balm: A staple in my purse (and desk, and makeup bag…), I apply this lip balm daily. It has a pleasant lemon-y herbal scent and leaves the prettiest your-lips-but-better flush. The formula is emollient and isn’t sticky in the slightest.
  4. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light: What can I say about this powder? It’s amazing. Undetectable on the skin, it airbrushes out all imperfections without a trace cakey-ness. I can’t seem to go a day without wearing it.
  5. Urban Decay Perversion Volumizing Mascara: While not usually a fan of mascaras with thick brushes that pick up tons of product, I will make an exception for this exceptional mascara. I’m still fully loyal to my old faves (Benefit They’re Real! and L’Oreal Voluminous), but I find myself reaching for this mascara almost daily. It makes my lashes so thick and so black and so.luscious.
  6. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: I had previously been using this brush for my foundation (which is its primary usage and it works flawlessly), but lately I’ve been using it to chisel out some cheekbones while contouring. It provides the accuracy and precision that a fluffy powder brush cannot.
  7. Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Blissful: I wear this blush almost and I’m still on my very first tube I bought over 2 years ago. The shade ‘Blissful’ (a sheer peach) provides the most natural lit-from-within flush. I cannot say enough good things about this cheek stain.

What are some of your all-time favorite beauty buys? I’d love to know, so leave me a comment below!



The Secret Trick to Great Hair

October 20, 2014

I’m reluctant to admit that I have an embarrassing amount of hair products and tools which usually go unused on busy weekday mornings. Is it so terrible that I’d rather spend that extra 30 minutes sleeping than on wrangling my unruly hair? My usual style is sort of a pile of kinks and curls and can look messy and unkempt if I’m not careful. Recently, however, I’ve discovered the secret to looking polished is easier than cranking on the hot tools in the morning. Ready to see what it is?

BEFORE-1Give yourself a precise middle partThe only difference between the above and below photos is that I precisely parted my hair down the middle. It takes five seconds and will make your bad hair day into a great hair day. Don’t be lazy – get in there with a rattail comb and make it perfect. A perfect part makes your bedhead look intentional and gives the illusion that you spent time styling your hair.

AFTER-1So easy and quick! Alternatively, if you have taken the time to blow out your hair (or gotten a professional blowout), make it look less perfect by messing up the part. I’m all about hair not looking too ‘done’ (if you couldn’t tell).


P.S. I took these photos before I changed up my hair! Check out my Instagram for my latest cut and color!


What’s in My Cart?: Old Navy

October 17, 2014

Since moving to San Francisco, I’ve had to put myself on a tight clothing budget, supplementing my wardrobe with cheaper alternatives from places like H&M and Forever 21. One of my favorite stores (no matter my budget) has always been Old Navy. I’m always pleasantly surprised with the chic pieces I can find there without dropping a month’s rent (which is no joke here by the way…). Here’s what’s currently in my Old Navy shopping cart!


Boxy Jersey Dress: As I posted on Instagram yesterday, I’m seriously loving this dress right now. I already own it in black and want to order it in the other colors, too (they have a raisin/purple color in stores but not listed on the site). The fit is relaxed and yet still polished enough for work and it is the perfect versatile fall dress.

Drop-Waist Gingham Dress: This buffalo plaid drop-waist dress is beyond cute. It is perfect for a dressy-casual look for work or a dinner date. And, at only $22, it is such a steal!

The Rockstar Mid-Rise Super Skinny Jeans in Black: These skinnies are my favorite jeans! The rise is perfect and the fabric is soft without getting baggy in the knees and stretchy enough to hold everything in. ;) I’ve been needing a pair of black skinny jeans and these will fit the bill perfectly. P.S. I’m ordering them in the “short” length so they will be slightly cropped above the ankle.

The Pixie Ankle Pants in Houndstooth: I’m really feeling these purple houndstooth pants right now.  I have a few pairs of The Pixie for work and they’re great. I can’t wait to pair these cuties with these boots and this sweater. I don’t have many patterned pants in my wardrobe and looking forward to taking them for a spin!

What pieces are you planning on incorporating into your wardrobe this fall?



Lena Dunham is Not That Kind of Girl

October 12, 2014

Have you seen Lena Dunham’s advice web series, #ASKLENA? She comes across as funny, charming, and relatable. And, as it turns out, she manages to give a lifetime of advice in a 2 minute video. Here are a few of my favorites.

On positive body image:

On sleeping with bad people:

On dealing with jealousy:

I’ve just downloaded her book, Not That Kind of Girl, and can’t wait to start reading it! Lena, you rock.



Should You Try Brow Tinting?

October 11, 2014

As you already know, I’m a huge fan of the Benefit Brow Bar and fully confident in their abilities to magically transform a pair of unruly eyebrows. Intrigued by their brow tinting services (something I’ve never tried before), I decided to give it a whirl. I wanted to see what brow tinting would do for me; I already fill in my eyebrows daily anyway, so this wasn’t a huge leap for me. Since I’m a fan of bold brows, I requested that my brows be as dark as the darkest hair on my head (always a good rule to follow!).


As you can see from the first photo, I was in desperate need of a wax and reshaping. The esthetician (the amazing Marianne!) first applied Vaseline around my brows to prevent the dye from staining my skin. She then applied the tint and let process and oxidize for 10 minutes.


She chose a medium brown shade for my brows, which turned out to be the perfect color!


After the dye had processed, she wiped it off and let me take a look at the tint for myself. I was so impressed that it managed to darken the baby hairs and peach fuzz so my eyebrows looked fuller and the hair appeared to be more dense.


I was so happy with my results! I will definitely be tinting my brows regularly from now on. :)


I also got a little touch-up by another fabulous makeup artist at the boutique. Since I’m always keeping up on the latest Benefit products, I was excited to try their Majorette cream blush. It’s a gorgeous coral shade that can be worn alone or underneath something else. So lovely!


Still a little red from the wax, but my eyebrow game is looking ON POINT thanks to the wonderful Benefit gals!


What do you think? Would you try out brow tinting? I give it 5 out of 5 stars and will definitely be back in 4 weeks for my next appointment! A huge thank you to all the lovely Benefit gals at the Sutter boutique in SF!