Making the Switch to Natural Deodorant.

October 21, 2018

I’m currently in the thick of switching to a natural deodorant after years of using my trusty Dove antiperspirant… and I have some thoughts. If you’ve ever considered making the switch from antiperspirant to natural deodorant and are curious about my experience, keep reading, friend. ?making-the-switch-from-antiperspirant-to-natural-deodorant-myro-deodorant-review-switch-natural-deodorant

If you’ve done a modicum of research on the topic, you’ll know that there has been talk about antiperspirant and its link to breast cancer and lymphatic problems. Research has shown the results to be inconclusive, but whether or not there is weight to these claims, clogging your sweat glands with aluminum day-in and day-out can’t be a good thing. The human body is supposed to sweat, and inhibiting that natural bodily function just feels wrong to me.

I’ve attempted to make the switch to natural deodorant more than once without success. In high school, I tried out Tom’s of Maine and the Crystal Deodorant (made from salt crystal) – both of which left me smelling like a big ol’ dude who hadn’t showered in a week. Wow. Just what a teenage girl wants to smell like!

A couple of years ago, I tried to switch from Dove antiperspirant to Native Deodorant. What started out well – little to no BO, pleasant herbaceous scent, etc. – ended with alkaline burns on my underarms after a few weeks. One of the main ingredients in Native Deodorant is baking soda, which caused my pits to turn a lovely shade of reddish-brown and itch like crazy. Cool! Back to Dove antiperspirant I went.making-the-switch-from-antiperspirant-to-natural-deodorant-myro-deodorant-review-switch-natural-deodorant

Just when I thought I was relegated to use my chemical-laden antiperspirant for the rest of time, I saw an ad on Instagram for MYRO. I’ve been known to impulsively purchase things from Instagram ads while laying in bed at night, and I found myself clicking “add to cart”. I was lured in by the cute little reusable pod (which would look right at home next to a bottle of perfume) and fresh-sounding scents (Big Dipper is lavender, bergamot, and vetiver, my three fave smells!). They’re a subscription service, and since I already use a subscription service for my razor (Billie), my sparkling water (Ugly Drinks), and my wine (Winc), I decided to add deodorant into the mix because WHY NOT. I am a Millennial. I want it all and would like it delivered.

When my shipment came in the mail a week or so later, I excitedly opened it up and tried it on. First impressions: the formula is smooth and creamy, smells nice, and feels moisturizing; a nice change from the usual aridity of my Dove antiperspirant days. I also liked that MYRO was formulated without baking soda (no alkaline burns, yay!).

I am now a week or so into my MYRO experience and liking it slightly less. Quite frankly, I stink. The mixture of my own sweat plus lavender/bergamot/vetiver smells like a special kind of herbal funk. Think walking outside in San Francisco on a muggy day. I’ve been trying to shower twice a day to keep the funk at bay and hoping that once my body has adjusted to the new natural deodorant, the smell will go away. I’ve read that it takes a few weeks for your system to purge – you know, from years of plugging up your sweat glands with aluminum.


I’m also considering switching my scent to a different one when my next shipment is due because it might just be how my body reacts to these specific scents. The Cabin #5 scent looks intriguing and might be a bit ~stronger~.

Here’s to hoping my pits adjust and my husband won’t politely ask if I can please go take a shower (this may or may not have happened…). Really thanking my lucky stars that I work from home by myself so no one else has to be subjected to my transitional-period stinkiness except me, myself, and I.