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Dear Cardigans

June 20, 2017

Dear cardigans:

You’re an outfit-ruiner. You’re a security blanket. You’re frumpy. You’re uncomfortable. You serve no purpose except to hide body insecurities. I dislike you.

You were created by the clothing industry to perpetuate women’s self-consciousness about their arms. I get it, I’ve been there. I haven’t discussed body insecurities on this platform because it’s a tough subject, and I wanted to keep the tone fun and lighthearted around here. However, life isn’t always fun and lighthearted, and everyone has body insecurities and can relate to this topic. So here we go.

I used to wear cardigans for years because I was self-conscious about my arms, too. Even on the hottest summer day, I’d wear a cardigan, so that the rest of the world couldn’t see what I deemed unfit for society. I’d willingly sweat and make myself uncomfortable so that everyone around me wouldn’t have to be in the presence of my exposed arms. How insane is that? I cannot believe there was ever a time when I thought that was okay.

I still cringe when I see old photos of myself wearing a cardigan. For a period in time, I was afraid to wear something sleeveless without one. I want to go back in time to tell myself that it’s okay to let the world see my arms. Everyone will be fine and the earth will keep spinning. In fact, no one will say anything at all. The harshest critics are your own deprecating thoughts.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when I stopped wearing cardigans, but I know there was certainly a point when I decided to never look back. I’m sad for all the years I wasted feeling uncomfortable in my own body, and trying to make others around me feel more comfortable by covering it up.

My arms are not small and never have been, but wearing a cardigan doesn’t make them smaller. Covering them in fabric doesn’t hide their size. My arms are not small but they are strong. In 5th grade, I beat every boy in my class at arm wrestling. I can do at least 10 real pushups without even trying. I can paddle a kayak, carry groceries, and lift furniture. I can open a jar and pop a bottle of champagne. 🍾

Dear cardigans: no one needs you. You are useless and sad. May you rot in the clearance bin for the rest of eternity, because I’ll never look your way again.


My Summer Uniform

May 24, 2017

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I’m currently going through somewhat of a blogging and creative rut. I shot these photos today and sat down to write this post, but instead I sat with my laptop open in my lap for over an hour without a single word typed. All of the “yay summer!” posts seemed so disingenuous when all I really wanted to write about was why I’ve been MIA for the past couple months.

I intentionally haven’t shared many life updates lately because it’s been a challenging few months. I’ll save all my words about this for another proper post, because it would be a crime to pull focus from this stunning Old Navy jumpsuit.

I’m loving the Havana-prep style of this outfit. So breezy and comfy for those sticky summer days! A good linen jumpsuit never lets me down during the summer; they’re light enough to let the air circulate and my legs don’t stick together! They’re my ultimate summer uniform. Hah. The black and floral pattern is killing me, too. Add on these fun mirrored sunnies and blush canvas sneaks and the outfit just kind of comes together on its own, don’t you think?

S H O P  M Y  S U M M E R  U N I F O R M

– Photos by Samantha Scott

This post was sponsored by Old Navy, a brand that I love and have worn for years.

Blogging Tips

The Secret to Getting the Best Blog Sponsorships

May 9, 2017


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Even though blogging has been around for quite some time now, the topic of getting blog sponsorships is still a bit shrouded in mystery. How do some bloggers always seem to get the best sponsorships? Should I reach out to brands or wait for them to contact me? Do brands have in-house PR teams or do they outsource their influencer programs? I’m here to tie all your questions up into one neat little bow; the answer to all of these questions is: Collectively.

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Saying Hi To Spring With Old Navy!

April 10, 2017

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Oh heeeeyyyyy, spring! Nice to see ya! Not only am I enjoying the extra hour of daylight in the evenings (it’s no longer dark when I get out of work, hey!), but the temps have been consistently getting warmer. That means it’s time to shed a tiny tear and pack away the winter wools and furs and pull out those spring clothes! And since Old Navy is killin’ it per ush, I knew it was time for a trip to spruce up my closet…

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Your New Spring Outfit is A Click Away

March 13, 2017

old-navy-spring-outfitFor the first time in weeks, the sun is shining and I’m finally feeling myself again. I’ve been down with a nasty sickness for the better part of a week and barely left the house. However, yesterday was too beautiful of a day to waste on Netflix and my couch. I was inspired to take a shower (AND wash my hair!), put on some makeup and a cute outfit and get out in the fresh air. Amazing what a little sun, air, and some new duds from Old Navy can do for a girl!

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What’s In My Cart?: ASOS Wishlist

February 26, 2017

To the untrained eye, the ASOS website is an intimidating beast. The monstrous online retailer sells just about everything imaginable from tons of different designers. A veritable smorgasbord. However, the real treasure of the ASOS website is their own collection. For the price point, the quality of ASOS label is stellar, and I would happily exclusively order ASOS label clothing and shoes because I know exactly how they will fit every time.

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