Start-To-Finish: Hair Routine!

June 13, 2016

hair-routineWho says blondes have more fun?! They’re too busy to have fun because they’re constantly taking care of their hair! Newly blonded, I’m here with my start-to-finish hair routine! With my new, lightened locks, I have to be cognizant of how often I’m washing it, staying away from hot tools, and making sure it gets enough moisture to stay silky smooth.

Armed with the right tools and products, I’ve found a routine that works for my hair; a leave-in conditioner that adds just the right amount of moisture, a heat protectant that doesn’t weigh it down, and a blow dry creme that keeps every coil of frizz away. Since I only wash my hair about twice a week, I can ride this wash, blowout, and style for days!