The Secret to Really Good Eyebrows

November 23, 2013

If your eyes are the windows to your soul, then your eyebrows are the curtains. Perfectly polished and groomed eyebrows have the power to complete your face. That being said, many women have trouble achieving eyebrow perfection. My secret to perfect eyebrows? The Benefit Brow Bar. I recommend the Benefit Brow Bar to all my friends – those Benebabes are professionally trained to give women the most fantastic eyebrows of their life!

Last Saturday, my friend Meghan and I took a trip to the Benefit Brow Bar (located at Ulta) to have our brows waxed and shaped. I’ve been going to the Benefit Brow Bar for years (hi, Cait!) and rave about it constantly to all my friends. Meghan has been working on growing out her eyebrows because she is tired of regular salons waxing them too thinly.

The fabulous Emily was our arch expert. How awesome is her dark purple hair?!

  1. Emily started out by mapping Meghan’s brows. She used a straight edge to determine where her brows should begin, arch, and end.
  2. Brow mapping looks a little scary, but those arch experts are professionals! They always do this so they know exactly where to wax.
  3. Emily then applied the wax to Meghan’s brows and waxed only the places outside the lines of the brow map.
  4. After Emily was finished waxing, she applied Gimme Brow to Meghan’s brows to add volume and to hold them in place. Under the brow she applied High Brow to emphasize and highlight the arch.

before & after

What a difference! Emily gave Meghan’s brows shape and structure while maintaining volume.

Such a beaut. Gals, go make an appointment at your local Benefit Brow Bar now! Those Benebabes are brow rockstars and will make you look like one too.