Adele Makeup Tutorial

January 27, 2016

side-by-sideHooray! I’ve been dying to film this Adele Makeup Tutorial video since her new album was released and it’s finally here! Adele is my celebrity doppelganger and I frequently get stopped by strangers on the street making me aware of this fact. Here’s a fun little piece of Julianne’s Life Trivia – when I was a waitress in college, an entire family asked if they could take a photo with me (while I was working) because their kids were obsessed with Adele. Haha! It’s also fun to try to make yourself look like your celebrity doppelganger, just to see if it’s really true! Click on through to the video and let me know what you think, and who I should do a video of next (I get Meghan Trainor a lot, too… thoughts)?