The Easiest Winter Skin Fix

February 5, 2015


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Gals, how is it February already?! We are now officially in the dead of winter. Hearing about the #SNOWMAGEDDON happening in the Northeast just reinforces my decision to move to California (sorry not sorry)! But even though it’s not freezing temps here in SF, my skin is still flaky and parched. Thankfully, I’ve discovered a new two-product skincare regimen which leaves my face perfectly polished and radiant. Any regimen that only requires two products gets a thumbs up from me!

winter-skin-fixAfter spending a few minutes in the shower (and letting the bathroom get nice and steamy), squeeze a quarter-sized dollop of Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Face Polish onto the brush head of your Clarisonic. It’s important to choose an exfoliating scrub that has perfectly spherical exfoliating beads – if they’re not 100% spherical, the granules will cause micro-tears in your skin (looking at you, St. Ives)! I tend focus the Clarisonic on my lower cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead, which are the dryest parts of my face. Once the Clarisonic cycle is complete, rinse thoroughly and slather on a thick moisturizer – I’m loving Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream right now. Try to incorporate this step into your regimen once a week and you’ll blast away that dry winter skin for good!